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30 minutes

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30 minutes
« on: January 19, 2015, 02:46:14 PM »
I decided I needed three articles, each of 500 words. That was about 30 minutes ago. Two of them have already been delivered and they were 5 star ones.  :D Just one more to go! If you need articles, now seems to be the time to order.  ;D

Re: 30 minutes
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2015, 03:46:23 PM »
Yeah its great Meg,

I have had some returned within hours. I knew when I first visited the site for the first time I had a good chance of finding a service that would not only be simple, affordable, and more importantly get my articles to me on various niches quickly. This is just much easier than using freelance sites where i have to do the hiring, then back/forth project based work and its really worth the very little extra It costs me. At some point soon I think all the writers I use elsewhere will be replaced by INA. I had some issues with my first few articles and the security, but those aside this service is the best i have seen for the way i work.

I sure hope other buyers are rating the writers. Im a bit lazy and have probably read only 1 of the articles I have received. I guess my assumption is others will (as well as INA admin) enforce some quality control. I do run them threw copyscape but that's about it. I figure anybody not averaging at least 3 stars is not going to be kept on contract with them. This is also why i dont pay for the 4/5 star option at this point. Maybe it helps a bit, and if i thought they kept 1 star writers around I would probably use it, but i think 3 stars is going to be the minim so for 20% rate increase im really only guaranteed  to get a very slightly above average writer normally. I would actually rather they added another option.. .30 ( for 4 to 5 star writer) and .60 for (5 star writers), I think this would be better for me during times i need really good content as I know i would get the best they have, were as the 4/5 star option will often probably get me an average writer.