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I have not tested it yet, but if you have SM2 set at 75 pins in 24 hours and change it to 9:00 to 5:00, will it post 75 pins during those hours?
No, I don't think so, it i based on 24 hourz.

on: January 06, 2017, 12:12:16 AM 2 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Whitelisted IP's

I just bought some proxies from and when entering them I got this message. I didn't read anything anywhere stating which proxies were approved or recommended so am I missing something.

What Tom says AND, have you set up your Pinterest account using the proxy? Have you checked that you have entered THAT proxy into SM2? And have you checked that you have entered your user name (according to Pinterest) and password correctly, with no spaces, etc at front or back. Also, does your password include any special characters like & and = because they can cause a problem too.
I just left it alone and did nothing, just let it run as normal. It is now working ok. I didn't touch or change or pause anything just left it alone. Number of followers has increased and following seems to be occurring normally
...sorry, typo, it was meant to be   etc... :)
LOL. You can click a box that says read more or add to cart. I always click read more. I also use the left hand box to find items and post in draft first, to be able to check them. Generally, I create posts, then when they are in draft, I add more text so they look more like posts.

on: January 02, 2017, 07:37:41 AM 5 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Trouble With SM2 Update

Thanks (again) Meg..I have sorted the problem...I'm not very technical, but your advice helped, and I have learnt at the same time.....appreciate that  :)

Glad to hear it is sorted for you. Thanks for letting us know.

on: January 02, 2017, 05:41:53 AM 6 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Trouble With SM2 Update

I am running SM2 on a VPS. It's installed but haven't utilized it yet. Yesterday I tried to update to version 2.1 and get wouldn't update. I tried it a few (a lot actuually) times without success.

So I attempted to uninstall it and try again. I suddenly kept getting the following message....

"There is already an InstallForge set-up running! Please close the runnning setup in order to continue"

Well, do you think I could solve the problem? I spent all afternoon...I even emailed support for my VPS...but I don't think they quite understand. I now CANNOT uninstall SM2 from my VPS.

Can anyone help or advise as this is very frustrating...and I can't move forward.


Have you tried that old stand by Ctrl + Alt + del and opened the task manager on your VPS? If there is an instance of installforge still running - stop it.
Before starting to pin more, you need to check how many pins GOOGLE is showing when you check the number of pins in there. I think the way to check is to put "" into a Google search box, where is YOUR site (no www, or http). Once the number of results exceeds 200,000 in Google, it is suggested that the account is seen as a seasoned one and it is safer to pin more to it.
Edited to correct results from 20,000 to 200,000. Thanks for pointing that out pnnetbuy and hellobryan
Hi, apologies for my late reply as it took most of yesterday to get sorted out.

In short, it was my proxies and not the software.

For whatever reason, even though I thought my proxies were ok, there were a few that were not which was causing SM2 to crash. They seem to work when I checked them but would not work when I was updating the accounts in SM2.

The company changed my proxies and I am up and running again and apparently whitelisted with the proxy company. - No idea what that means or why proxies can break but there you go!!

I think I will now click to update accounts once per week now. I will also compact database once per week if the error log looks full.

Thank you for helping it is appreciated thanks !  :)

That's great. Thanks for letting us know.
I am running SM2 now, but starting out really slow and small. My first day on SM2 has gotten me 20 followers on Pinterest already  :D

What I would like to know is:

1) Do we need to pin to all our boards? I have 6 boards at the moment, but I am only pinning to 2 of them. The reason is because, I am worried that my images may not be relevant to my URLs, even though the the images and their keywords should be very relevant to my other boards.

I don't have a full set of URLs on my site that would be exactly matching with those images that I pin. Example: Let's say I run a site on the bird kingdom, so I create boards like Parrots/Crows/Ostriches/Penguins/etc. But my site has pages only on SPECIFIC species of birds, like Green Rainbow Parrot (example only  ;D), while my boards are on a whole range of bird species or even bird families. In other words, my boards are broad (no pun intended).

So if my pinned image is on Blue/Red/Orange parrot and my target URL is on Green parrot, and I am pinning a whole bunch of parrot photos that are NOT Green parrots....I am afraid some people would mark my pins as spam when they go to my site and find out my page does not match up with my pinned image.

And these complaints may draw unwanted attention from Pinterest.....

Any comments on this issue? I cannot create a board just on Green parrots because there are not enough images on Pinterest itself to continually pin to that board. It's too narrow..

2) I have left SM2 window open on my VPS. Is this correct? I was afraid if I "X" the window, this may close the program entirely and stop all the processes.

Or does SM2 run in the background even if we close its window?

I have a few accounts on SM2. On some of them, I have created may 5 boards but am pinning to only 1 or 2. This is perfectly natural, I see this on Pinterest all the time. I intend to add more content to my sites over time and then start running those other boards. I find it easier to set up all my boards at the start and then just use SM2 to start adding content to them over time.

Jon has said that he finds better success when pinning to boards that are more specific to a subject. I have several websites on specific health topics and decided to pin them ALL to one board on a general type of topic, ie "wellness". I am regretting that now, I think I would have been better to create several more boards on my account, one on each specific topic, and just pinned fewer times a day to them but I already have followers on that board now and I don't want to lose them.

Yes, leave SM2 open on your VPS, it needs to run all the time. Closing it stops it.

on: December 11, 2016, 01:25:31 PM 10 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier 2 / Re: JLMailer bonus

No...I'm not quite sure what to do..can anyone help please?

I worked my way through setting up with Sparkpost and documented it in a PDF, so I wouldn't forget. It's fairly long, though a lot of it is screenshots, would that help?

Just in case you want it and I am not at the computer, this is what is available for download: I wrote this PDF to guide me though setting up email. You may think it a BIT long because it includes all my questions to myself about things I didn't understand! There are a lot of screenshots. You can ignore the last page about Groupmail. Once you have finished with Sparkpost you can go into JLMailer. It's in a temporary folder on a testing site I have - for testing!  ;D Remember, I am NOT an expert!$54/SettingUpEmail.pdf
Use the free download of Open Office. Its spreadsheet does NOT strip out quotes from plain text urls nor force them to become url hyperlinks. Just select cells and click on "default formatting"

on: September 10, 2016, 03:48:14 AM 12 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier / Re: Microsoft NET Framework

I'm having the exact same problem
If you have tried the solution in the messages above, then you need to contact helpdesk at and submit a ticket .
Hello, I purchased about a week ago, i so want to use this software, but i am running into problems right and left  first problem was with the IAW not creating research..had to screw around with the Netfrme turn windows on and off,,would work one time then it would create content doesn't pull a lot of info at all. (I used dog paws).....identify synonyms---i click on that then the buttom on the's not automatic like the video,, i have to keep hitting next and it also goes through every single word, not just the ones that are underlined.'s asking for username and api key....this is as far as i got so far.  I really want this software to work so I can use it.  What i would really appreciate is talking to someone and going thru things step by step..I watch the video and go through it step by step, but i keep running into problems...  thanks Debbie :-[

This is a 6 page beginner's guide to using IAW It's free to download and you don't have to sign up to anything or give your email address :)
Since IAW was created, Google has cracked down on so much searching and you may find capchas coming up. Turn down the speed of searching. You need quite a lot of research for creating articles but if the information is not available on line, then IAW can't create it. Read the document and see if that helps. There is also a website in my sig that may give you more help.
In AB, I currently use the resource box to give a closing paragraph, (see screenshot here

That is my spun resource box which personalizes my blog posts. Works very well with readers, they think I'm writing the posts.

Here's my request:

Much like the ability to spin the "Outro Resource Box", I would like to have the same option to turn on/off a spinnable "Introduction box" at the very beginning of AB articles.

That way, I can personalize the intro paragraph as well as the outro for each article. Both would work to show me as the author of the post and would add even more personalization into the mix. 

This is similar to what many bloggers do, where they have an introductory paragraph about themselves to the blog article, then the article content, then a closing paragraph that is more about themselves than the subject of the article.

I've made this request before a few years ago here:

At the time Jon said he'd take a look if there was enough interest in it, but I didn't make an effort to see if there was.

Please leave a comment below to show support if this is something you would like to see as an additional feature.

In my opinion, this could be a really good addition to AB.

Thank you.

I much prefer the second poster, the long one with no text column down the side BUT I think it's because the test on the first pi n is so plain and it's not clear that it is taken from the infographic. Because the text column is so plain, it dilutes the effect of the lovely graphic. I would like to see that text jazzed up in some way, with an arrow back to where it came from. Possibly also a hint of more below, to suggest that there's more available if they click through. Just my 2D or 2C
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