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Congrats. We've been seeing similar (and even better in several cases) results with our own sites. SM is a powerful tool.
Update emails, login info and the quick start PDF are sent to the email that you provide at the time you ordered. Here is the quick start guide:
Hello Everyone,

We're very excited to have a final, stable version of our brand new, 100% accurate Rank Tracker, AccurankTracker ready for release!

We'll be opening the doors Monday, Jan 21st at 6 a.m. EST! :)


If you haven't already, you can still download and use it FREE of charge while in BETA at:


And you can see a demo video either via that URL, or below:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

So lets hear it! What do you think? Our two primary goals are:

1. Provide 100% accurate rank tracking!
2. Do #1 in a very easy, user-friendly way.

Please leave your feedback! We will be including some user feedback in the mailer and it is greatly appreciated!
Hi Everyone,

In case you're one of the many Internet Marketers who doesn't completely understand how to find the EXACT google ranking of your website, I've just created a short video explaining it and showing you the techniques I use to manually find exactly where my websites rank for the keywords they target:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

That's how you do it manually, but AccurankTracker does it all for you!

AccurankTracker is still FREE while in BETA, so if you haven't already, be sure to grab your copy from the link below:

Download Accurank Tracker BETA for Free: --->
Video Tutorials:

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Since this is new software, you may need to temporarily disable your antivirus software or remove the installer from quarantine.
IMPORTANT NOTE #2: If you have any trouble downloading via Internet Explorer, try another browser. Some users are experiencing trouble downloading through IE. We're working on it, but in the meantime there haven't been any reports of issues using any other browser.

We would love to hear your feedback on the video as well as on AccurankTracker below! We'll be including some of the feedback in the mailer at launch time, so be sure to include your name and a good URL :)
After a small scale BETA test to work out some kinks, we're excited to announce that AccurankTracker is officially in public BETA! :)

You can download and install AccurankTracker free of charge during BETA.

IMPORTANT: Since this software is new, your antivirus will likely send the setup file to quarantine. So either allow it to, then remove it from quarantine, or disable your antivirus for 15 minutes until it's installed. Also, some users have had issues with the download page while using IE. We'll get this resolved, but if you do have issues and you use IE, just use a different browser like Chrome or FireFox.

Video Tutorials: If the homepage video is not enough, you can learn more on the training page

Bug Reports: Please send all bug reports to or reply to this thread.

How to Get it: Go here

If You've Already Installed: If you've already installed and you had any previous issues, please close it, reopen it and it should tell you there is a new version. If not, close once more and open again. If you are not presented with a message telling you that there is a new version, then you have the latest version.

We will use this BETA period to work out any remaining bugs and maybe even add another feature or two before the official launch. Official launch will be as soon as we feel it is very stable, so it could be a week or several weeks.

Enjoy! :)
Hey everyone, lots of great feedback. I'll respond to a few things here:

1. Niche Keyword Exposure: On the niche finder page, only the newest 100 keywords that KC has found are displayed. This means that the only people who are viewing that list are you and the others who are logged in at that point in time. So everytime you refresh that page, you will likely see more keywords. If you come back later you will see new keywords. This keeps the new keyword list fresh at all times, so no worries of over exposure.

2. @benyost: First, I sold HNS and unfortunately the new owner is not being very cooperative with me or customers :( So it seems that HNS is "dead." Second, this is a totally different tool than HNS. HNS was a "milti tool" which did have a keyword tool within, but it simply pulled from the adwords API... not anything like KC, which has it's own keyword database and pulls much more valuable data.

3. Pricing: You will not be forced to pay a monthly subscription :)

4. Competition Strength Indicator: We have a very unique algorithm in place, that looks at several different things to determine the strength. The output of each data point is assigned a number and those numbers are added up and entered into our 100 point scale to determine the strength of competition.
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