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on: December 15, 2011, 10:38:01 AM 1 General Category / Internet Marketing Methods / Re: Yahoo Answers

So has anyone made enough money with yahoo answers that the time it takes to answer the questions is worth it?

I have made quite a bit of money with YA.  I've had individual products that I promote through YA that have made over $1000/month.

Here's  what I do.

#1. Search for open answers only.
#2.  Answer the question that someone is asking.  I list this because 9/10 when I see people using YA to make money they are not directly answering the question, just spamming with their links.  Actually focus on a good answer, and always think "Will this help this person".  If your answer will help someone it will likely never be considered spam.

If you open a new account you'll need to answer a bunch of questions in order to get enough points to be able to actually create clickable links.
One way around this is to go over to a place like fivver and simply pay someone with a level 2-5 account to post for you.  You can always find someone to do all of this for you while you work on other aspects of your business.

The other mistake I see a lot on YA is people just toss up a BITLY link or a standard affiliate link.  Many times this will get you labeled as spam and get your link and post taken down. The best way around this is to simply grab a domain and redirect your affiliate link in the domain.  Just make your your registrar can do forwarding, some make you pay for it.  Godaddy or angry chihuahua domains has this feature for free.

I know it will cost you a little bit up front $10 (don't buy a .info for this - use a .com .or or .net).  This technique will get you far more clickthroughs and sales though.

Optionally, you can direct people to an article of yours that promotes a product instead.  This takes a person to content, which means less likely to be considered spam, more likely to get clicks ad less complaints over all.

Just pay someone at fivver to do everything for you and simply give them the domain you want to promote. 

The question extends to what google can already distinguish...
For those who may not know, google tries to judge documents it finds in "reading levels".
See here for more details:

So the question is, if they have this data, that is going even further than judging spelling and grammar, will they use it for ranking or not?
If you ask me - as soon as there are two pages with identical metrics in all other ranking factors, I betcha they will rank the page with better grammar and spelling higher. How much weight does this ranking factor have? who knows... but it is a save bet that google is trying to improve and the innovation cycles at google are rather short. I would not want to work for half a year and then google gives more emphasis on a minor factor and my work was in vain. Getting good quality in the articles my links come from is just natural if you want your link building to be sustainable...

I absolutely agree with you about this. Each page we put out there is a silent salesman and can work for us or against us, just like a good, or bad, salesperson in a shop does.

To be honest, providing good quality content is not hard and getting easier. Writing one's own may be too difficult for resource reasons but buying it in? No problem.
For example, I use SENuke X and when I started I was worried about getting good quality content AND spinning it.

Now, I have several sources of decent quality content. Content that I can, and do, use on my own sites.
Your ArticleBuilder is the latest.
By keeping an eye out for special offers one can keep one's content spending on spin ready content well in check and excluding AB I spend less than $100 per month.
I tend to build out one new Nuke each day and use 4-6 spin ready articles in each iteration.

I know other people use the same spin ready seed articles as I do but I also know, because experience tells me, that this is not an issue. Indeed, I can Nuke away several times with the same articles without problems. I save Nukes and when I am pushed for time simply rerun an old campaign.

So, as far as I can see there is simply no reason why we should use bad quality content.
Is all the stuff I submit of equal quality to that which I'd turn out by hand, or that would come from writers I commission for content? No, it is not, but it is decent quality, readable, with value to the reader. I fear no manual reviewer. ;)

I want even my trackback spam and comments to be of some value to readers.
Proxies? Yuck. They're so unreliable, and it's a headache to continually find new ones when the old ones die. I avoid having to use proxies as much as possible.

Guess I'll stick with BLI.

John -  My server has built in auto updated elite proxies per the user location/country that you set within the software. I will not go into details about how it is setup, but they are all tested every few hours and we assign grades to them to ensure they are fast :) and yes they will keep changing to ensure a fast connection throughout any use of the software as pinging and indexing is a very small portion of what the software is about.
I'm using for free with bunch of credit cards I have. Other then that I'm using this metode I pick up from some forum.

1. Copy and paste ur links [however MANY 1 - 1,000,000,000] in NO MORE THEN 100 IN ONE FEED

2. Create the feeds with the click of a button

3. Head over to Submit your feeds

4. Wait 1-2hrs and ur backlinks will be on gr00gle.

You must not have done this in awhile because has been Banned by Google.  Do a simple site: search in Google and you will see.  I wouldn't be using this as my technique of choice right now.  You can use BacklinksIndexer like Jon said or another choice is

I have used quite few products of Jon and would like to offer free bookmarks to members of this forum.

What you are getting?
100 free bookmarks from sites with PR.

Steps to get your free bookmarks.

PM me the following details.

1.Urls that are to be bookmarked.

2. We can take Title, tags and description from the meta data of your site. If you don't have them or wish to use different details, do send title, tags and descriptions.

3. Your email address to send reports.

4. Use the below link and post in the thread that you would like to take advantage of this offer.;num_replies=0

Remember, we will be able to provide this only to the first 50.
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