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on: January 09, 2017, 02:58:09 PM 1 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier 2 / Re: SocialMonetizeMe

Got it. I was trying to get the link with draft.

Thanks to Meg . . . I let the follow jobs run for hours, wrote down the # of following on each. After waiting for a few hours the numbers changed, they went down. Meaning unfollowing must have been happening.

I had added a new job after the update, and it is working fine. My thought was to delete the existing jobs and then add them back in. However, that was not necessary. As soon as I paused one of the running jobs I could see that 36 follows had occurred while it was in the "running" status.  :)

Got it, thanks again Meg for your help and tips again, much appreciated  :)
Hi There

For a hosting company just to turn off access to your site with no warning is very bad in my opinion.  Installing wp-rocket should give your site a pretty huge speed bump and your visitors go up even higher with your pages loading quicker.

If anyone is looking for a good hosting company I have used siteground for years and they are excellent.  I am not affiliated with them at all but they are fast, with excellent support.

Moving your website can be a bit daunting but there is an excellent free plugin called "All-In-One WP Migration" that makes it all very easy.

Good Luck


on: December 10, 2016, 09:28:48 PM 6 Content Creation / The Best Spinner 3 / Re: My TBS shows strange chars

I am having the same problem as the original post author. However, after reading this thread I discovered there are no fonts  in the drop down list to select. How do I install fonts so I can select a font? Should the application come with a default font? Please help.

I checked my own TBS and there is no longer any font showing there. But I can still use TBS OK. It must be using the system font. Here is a screencapture

I wonder whether your copy of TBS has got corrupted? You could try uninstalling, restarting your computer (to get rid of any lingering glitches) then download and install a fresh copy. It's pretty simple, as long as you have your password saved. The TBS download is at the top of this forum.

Thanks Meg! I uninstalled and re-installed and the problem resolved itself. Cheers!

on: December 08, 2016, 01:19:41 PM 7 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Script Question.

Everything made sense to me already... but it was still good to read Amin's "Star Trek" expanded explanation.  And besides, it further improves everyone's respect for Amin, as we now know he's one of the most intelligent people on the planet - a Star Trek fan.
:P :P

Seriously, one addition for Meg:
Jon replied to me (in another thread you may not have seen), that Redirecting is just as "safe" as Cloning, since either is Pinterest-proof unless you pin too often per day.

As Amin points out above though, it takes less time to Redirect to a new domain, then it does to Clone the content from the old domain to the new one.

So this is yet another example of Jon coming up with better (i.e. more efficient) ways to implement the SM2/Pinterest model...

on: December 07, 2016, 10:50:33 AM 8 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Script Question.

The domains can be on different hosting if you want.

So you have a main domain with your real content and affilate offers etc.  You NEVER put the redirect scripts on this domain. It's your "money" domain.

On another domain (doesn't matter where it's hosted) you put no content at all.

All you put is the redirect scripts. You do as many of these "redirect" domains as you want. Just be sure not to pin to too many of them from a single Pinterest account - I'd say 3 to max 4 such domains on a newish Pinterest account.


Site A, your "money" site. Content and offers, NO redirect scripts

Sites b,c,d,e ......etc.  no content, just the two special scripts.

Hope that helps.

on: December 06, 2016, 05:55:05 PM 9 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier 2 / Re: JLMailer bonus

in todays webinar they said Friday
You know that you don't have to reply on Twitter? When you reply you show that you are willing to be a target. Twitter is not where legal documents are served. In truth,  what has happened is that two people who know no better have gotten involved in something they know nothing about.

There's an example of a counter claim document below but you probably don't need it here. Just don't get involved with this kind of  silliness.

Here's the thing, bearing in mind that I am not a lawyer, just a webmaster with a lot of original and licensed content. ;)
1) When a person uses another entity's content without permission on a website there are specific steps to follow. In the US you have a set of laws that cover this situation called the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Learn more here:

2) When you post to Pinterest the first point of contact for an infringement is the website and/or host for the content. Your name is not Mrs Pinterest and Pinterest is not your site. This does NOT mean that ultimate responsibility for infringement does not lie with the poster of the image but that the correct route to rectify the infringement is clear and it is through Pinterest. As a user of images on Pinterest you actually have some legal defences anyway. There's not a lot of people being sued by IP owners for stuff posted on Pinterest!

If you believe that the infringement notification passed through Pinterest was incorrect then this is where you can use the counter claim letter. If a counter claim is not responded to within 7 working days then the original infringement notification is voided and, hypothetically, Pinterest should reactivate the image. As a matter of interest, the reason that I started using counter claims was to avoid silliness with my host of the time (Hostgator) who were fair and sensible in responding to complaints. By counter claiming and having the original claims voided I was proving to Hostgator that I was actually a responsible 'citizen' and my account was never affected by the claims I received. I do not know how Pinterest would react however it seems to me that the images you are posting are NOT yours and thus there is, absent procedural irregularities, much of a leg for you to stand on.

3) Notice of an infringement is sent to the host/webmaster in a specific form that should demonstrate that the complainant has legitimate rights to the content being claimed as infringing. In most cases that I have seen that format has not been followed and that renders the complaint invalid. Moaning at you on Twitter is NOT a valid notification of infringement.

4) If you run an online business that uses other people's content then it is a matter of business survival to be aware of what copyright is, how it works, and how you manage it within your business. Right now your business is suffering because of that lack of knowledge and, I am certain, your concerns are infecting others!

In your case there is no action to take unless and until Pinterest remove content from your account AND give you a warning. Pinterest knows the law and how to manage it within their business and to your benefit. If you continue to receive complaints then your account might get closed. That's normal, it is what I do as a webmaster. However, what Pinterest will almost certainly NOT do is investigate claims before acting. They will simply delete the image from your account and leave all other versions intact until a claim is made against those versions.

As a business using a spamming tool and yes, SM is a spamming tool - albeit a low level and relatively innocuous - one should understand that this is what they have and the effect is that one absolutely does not invest emotionally in what are disposable accounts that can be replicated in moments. One of the choices that you made when choosing to use a spamming tool was that much of what happens is automated and you absolve yourself from control.
That's a business decision and you must uninvolve yourself from emotional attachments to your 'babies' the boards that SM creates automatically on your behalf.

On the topic of copyrights though, if I were Jon and his posse I'd be looking to use an image source such as Pixabay: due to their licensing policy.

To conclude, there is no action for you to take in this regard apart from arming yourself with knowledge and understanding your relationship to the tool you use and the output it creates. It'll help you to take a more constructive attitude toward your use of Pinterest and the manner in which you deal with threats online. There is no action that you need to take unless and until you receive a 'proper' legal document from a proper legal source. Jon's advice about using domain privacy is useful here.

If you, or your host receive DMCA takedown notices in respect of content on your own site(s) then, just as with Pinterest, it is usually easier to delete the image and use another one. On my site's content pages I ONLY use images to which I have explicit licencing paid for by me - I don't use 'free' or any form of claimed copyright free or Creative Commons. Licensing images is very inexpensive these days.

If you receive a letter from another entity about content on your own sites and you choose to contest the complaint then here's a form letter that you can use: Before using it make sure that you understand the basis on which the counterclaim s being made and delete all the irrelevant ones from the document. Understand also that the next step is that the complainant lawyers up and at that point things can start to get costly for you so use this ONLY if you are sure of the provenance of the materials being complained about (hence why I only use fully licensed content on my sites!)

For reference here is the Pinterest copyright infringement page with the form they invite copyright owners to use to initiate a DMCA claim:

Here's a page specifically about why it is an overreaction to delete boards over concerns about copyright:
Hi Meg is the site I use to find the exact location of the IP, then on the top nav bar "Blacklist Check" then click "Check Blacklists" it will check each list typically takes a couple of minutes.
Hi All

One thing I noticed on a new account that got blocked last week was that the IP I used had 3 strikes from blacklisting websites....ALL my other new accounts are fine and have absolutely clean IP addresses, so there is definitely something within the Pinterest algorithm that flags blacklisted IP's.

Check your IP's before you set up new accounts, it will save you time in the long run.
I bet that, just as happened when SM V1 was launched Pinterest will notice an uptick of many new accounts being posted way at with no consideration of other Pinterest users or Pinterest themselves.

Pinterest will, I am certain have seen a spike in certain types of activity and may even have altered their threshold settings slightly as a result.

However once the hump of noob activity is passed and everyone learns how to use their new tools everything will go back to normal.

Suggest that folks use this tool very conservatively, this is a business development tool, not a spamming tool. If used for the latter purpose, even if by accident, then bad things happen.

There's no harm in being very conservative to start with, you will be using this software for years so take time, grow your accounts carefully, regard Pinterest boards as being like a vegetable garden. Look after your plants, nurture them from seedlings to full grown crops through the seasons and you will have good quality crops. Force the growth and you'll have poor quality, tasteless product that nobody wants to eat.
I am using blazing proxies for a similar price. They have a specific option on their dashboard to guarantee no ip address changes. Have only been using them a couple of months but they seem to perform fine and I have already hooked up to sm2 since Sunday and posting seems to be fine.
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