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Does anyone know of a way to start Social Multiplier without a username/password? Or more securely a way to have them filled out and the login button clicked without human intervention?
I set up a task in Task Scheduler but, of course it can't do the login.

The idea is to have SM start and stop one or two times per day to replicate human activity a little - not many of us are posting away 24/7.

Hi Andrew,

You can schedule a task to run a VBS script that will automatically start SM for you. To create the script, open Notepad and type the following text:

Option Explicit

Dim execute

Set execute=CreateObject("") """C:\Program Files\SocialMultiplier\SocialMultiplier.exe"""

wscript.sleep 10000

execute.sendkeys "your_username"

execute.sendkeys "{tab}"

execute.sendkeys "your_password"

execute.sendkeys "{enter}"


Save the file using the extension .vbs, for example StartSM.vbs

The command "wscript.sleep 10000" introduces a delay of 10,000 milliseconds (10 seconds) to allow sufficient time for SM to display the logon window before sending data to it. You can adjust the delay to suit your needs.

In order for this to work, you must not have any windows open which force themselves into the foreground, as SM's logon window must have focus to receive the data from the script.

If the path to SM on your machine is not as given in the "" line of the script, please amend. However, please retain the two groups of three double quotation marks enclosing the path if it contains spaces (such as the space in "Program Files" in the above example).

If your username and/or password contain non-alphanumeric characters, you must enclose each one using left- and right-hand braces. For example, to use the underscore character you must use {_}.

Hope that helps.

on: September 18, 2015, 12:57:23 PM 2 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier / Re: Adding Images From .txt file

Hi Headflood,

This is the information given on the updates page (in bold):

Version 1.106

On the auto-pinning scheduler you can now import your own images, page urls and descriptions from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. The format of the file should be:


Be sure to include the [page_url] in the [description] as well, so that people can click the link on the pin description to go directly to the [page_url].  Here's an example:

"","","Buy this product at"

You can create the CSV file using Notepad or a similar plain text editor. Just remember to save it with the extension .csv instead of the default .txt, e.g. myimages.csv not myimages.txt. The example text below in red shows how a CSV file might be structured (in Notepad or other text editor) for three images:

"","","Buy this product at"

"","","Buy this product at"

"","","Buy this product at"

You can also create the file using Excel or another spreadsheet application. Once again, remember to save it with a .csv extension.

Hope that helps.
I much prefer the second poster, the long one with no text column down the side BUT I think it's because the test on the first pi n is so plain and it's not clear that it is taken from the infographic. Because the text column is so plain, it dilutes the effect of the lovely graphic. I would like to see that text jazzed up in some way, with an arrow back to where it came from. Possibly also a hint of more below, to suggest that there's more available if they click through. Just my 2D or 2C
Extract from Version Update Changes:

Version 1.106

On the auto-pinning scheduler you can now import your own images, page urls and descriptions from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. The format of the file should be:


Be sure to include the [page_url] in the [description] as well, so that people can click the link on the pin description to go directly to the [page_url].  Here's an example:

"","","Buy this product at"

Note you need double quotes at the begining and end of each of the three items (image_url, page_url and description). The example given makes it quite clear.
[ are not needed ].

Finding it:
Schedules tab.
In the midsection (Autopinning), click "New schedule"
Click the 2nd button - called "Import images"
I have written several posts in this forum and they have all been either questions or complains about some problems with Social Multiplier.

Well, today is different, as I wanted to show the results that I have been getting so far.  Below is a graph with the traffic to my blog:

I started using Social Multiplier on June 30th, and as you can see the traffic has been pretty consistent after that date.  The spike on June 26th was using paid traffic, so please ignore that.  I do not understand the spike in the pageviews that occurred on July 5th, but nevertheless the number of page views has also been growing.  Yesterday was so so, but keep in mind that this is only running one schedule and limiting the software options to keep low the number of followers per day and pins, so as to avoid risks of getting my account banned.  BTW, I have 1 conversion already, so the software is starting to pay by itself.

Have you had similar or better results?  What has been your experience with Social Multiplier?

Thanks Jon and Amin for letting people outside the Learn From Jon site to use this software.

on: July 08, 2015, 06:25:34 AM 7 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier / Re: Best Practices for SM

The recommendation is five boards per account,put some pins in each board to make it look natural.

But if your niche only supports one board I've run a bunch of accounts with only one board that never had any issues.

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Wonderful information... thanks.

But you entirely miss the intent of my question. Possibly my fault for lack of clarity, so let me try again.

In the demo and training instructions, I believe I heard that we should set up 5 boards before running SM. Are we saying that all 5 boards would belong to one Pinterest account?

That's what my first question [ "Create 5 boards per Pinterest profile, yes?" ] was trying to ask. The second question was supposed to be a restatement of the same issue.
Hi everyone,

I thought that I may share something with you, those who are Excel experts may stop reading just now, no breaking news here - just my humble experience from today.

So, lets get on it.

KS is a great tool, but we all know that results, especially after long term scrapping are various and need to be sorted out in some way.

Here is my short 'tutorial' on how to process gathered data in Excel. Precisely - how to remove unwanted key phrases from the list basing on 'unwanted' word(s).
I'm not an Excel expert by any mean, so I thought few people here may be also interested in some tricky features on how to remove unwanted keywords from the Keyword Snatcher results using Excel.

Ok, so what I'm talking about?

For this example I run few seconds (literally) of scrapping keywords for 'dog training london'

We have got:

As we can see right now, there is few words which aren't really 'money keywords' if you are ranking locally for London.
At first glance they are 'ohio' and 'ontario'. Yet 'south africa' and others. You've got the point.

Copy all the keywords (or download) and open in Excel.

Then click Filters from top menu in Excel

You'll see small arrow at the very first row of your keyword list, and click it.
Next, chose 'Text Filters' -> 'Contains' option

You will see dialog window.
The window will show 'contain' and a field to type in your 'unwanted' word. In our case (let's say) we don't want keywords containing 'ohio' and 'ontario'.

Type in your unwanted keywords and make sure that you change the operator to 'OR'!
Otherwise it will select only rows containing both 'ohio' and 'ontario' (In that case nothing would be selected, you can believe me).

When you click 'OK', you'll get something like this :

Fine. You are on PC - simply click 'Delete' and congrats! - job done.

If I remember - on Mac it would be Cmd+Backspace, but I'm not sure.

What you see now is your list with some 'gaps'. Those gaps (unless you sorted the list somehow) are empty spaces after deleted keywords. That's fine, everything is ok so far.

To sort it out and make nice and tidy, simply go to the menu and click A->Z icon, with column A (in this case) selected.

Ah, quick tip here. If you want to select only as much rows as exist in the spreadsheet - select cell A1 and click Ctrl-A (like 'select all' in Windows), it should select all your cells with the keywords.

Sorry image doesn't show 'selected' items, but you should end up with something like this:

After removing few more words:

I hope that helps a bit.

Your question is a bit difficult to grasp quickly. But if I understood correctly you need to be sure that the spun text fits into a word or character limit of the fields of data.

If this is so, then let's look at it this way.

Let's take the 80 character limit for Titles. This is roughly between 13 and 16 words. Let's consider as 14. You are unlikely to overshoot 80 characters if you spin the original 14 words. Some phrases may have variations that are longer than the original. But you should be safe on the overall limit.

For the description limit of 256 characters, this should be about 47 words. Consider 45 words if you want to play safe. There shouldn't be any problem.

Hope this helps.


Very interesting article - make sure you read ALL the small print and definitely check out any double negatives. Do't say you weren't warned!
Hi guys! I thought I'd share this application I created for myself about a year ago. Now I have an advanced version that I'm selling, but the basic version is pretty nice too. I've used it myself for a long time. It's totally free, I hope the button to the advanced version won't bother you guys too much.

Here's what it does:

As you probably all know, the Article Builder web interface can only generate up to 20 articles at once. If you need more than that, you would have to refresh, start the whole process again, and manually spin the articles together when finished. My little bot automates all that. Here's a little demonstration:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

You can download it from here:

Code: [Select]
IMPORTANT: Some antivirus programs will detect it as dangerous. It’s false positive!
And that's because of the professional licensing system I'm using! Every time the application is started by the user, the license is checked on the server! This is needed for the automatic updates to work. Some antivirus programs think this kind of behavior is suspicious, that's why they mark it as dangerous. But of course, this is not true, you can safely extract the zip file, and start using it.

If you guys find any bugs, or if it doesn't work on your machine, let me know, and I'll try to fix it for you. Automatic updates are immediately applied when you open the application.

I hope you guys will find it useful, like I did. All the best,

on: May 25, 2013, 12:23:04 AM 13 Content Creation / The Best Spinner 3 / Re: Generating articles

Found it :) it was right there... bulk spin - generate spun articles, exactly what I needed.
You can delete this thread if you want :)
Hi Andrew

I think the converting went well - looks all good. What does not look very good is the images with cut out background - whoever did that did not do a great job...
Also it seems that one paragraph "For several years..." has slipped in twice...

Here's a plugin that I quite like that does the related posts thing: Beffore using it I'd look at some others as well though.

For what it's worth, I've had good luck with YARRP as well.
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