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Use the free download of Open Office. Its spreadsheet does NOT strip out quotes from plain text urls nor force them to become url hyperlinks. Just select cells and click on "default formatting"
Yes, but you made the point about Google wanting to charge for access to their traffic. If you are correct, and I am sure that you are, then you can't expect that, as a trend, Google will do anything other than take action to try to remove free access to their eyeballs. So, your vids get ads embedded on them, low quality material (in YouTube's opinion) will be removed and high cost accounts will be deleted.

Be honest, does the world really need another 'review' video of some onky ponky acne cure?
You KNOW the answer. :)

You might argue that the world has no need of any more dancing cat videos too, but the thing is that the great unwashed watch the bloody things in their droves, demonstrating that there IS a need for such stuff and the makers of such vids are not, on the whole doing so in order to get folks to spend money on something or get the viewer to go visit a site outside of YouTube.

So the suggestion that Google needs you is simply incorrect, they NEED Judy from Ohio and her Kute Katz Vidz but they don't need you at all.

So, to continue the comparison between YouTube and broadcast TV: If there is a posse of dancing cats the TV station will send out a cute reporter and a video guy to make a segment about them. You, on the other hand will NEVER get on the air without paying to do so. You need their eyeballs, they don't need your 'reviews'.

That's they way it is.

Of course, if you go the extra mile then you will have no problem. Remember 'Will It Blend?' a series of commercials for a blender brand that, for almost no money, got huge traffic and I'd lay odds that the YouTube folks were as cooperative as hell because the blender guy gave value to YouTube.
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