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Hi Josh,

I have imported over 200 keyowrds spread across a bunch of my squidoo lenses (squidoo is a great way to make case these days :-) ), and run them, and everthing has worked just fine, I have done a spot check for about 20 of those keywords to see if the rankings match up with a google search, and all looks good.

No problems to report!

Nice software, I really like it. It is straight forward and really is accurate.
Norton is the virus. I've never seen a worse Big Brother tool. Of course the app is safe.
No doubt the tool gave you direction and told you of it's ease. Yes, that's nice and yes, I'm interested. But I think you're using a bit of deception in your marketing that might lead some, particularly the newbies, to believe it was the tool that did the heavy lifting.

Where's the deception if a tool is promoted as "finding niches" and "showing you where to pick the low growing fruit" and is shown to do so? If a golf pro tells you they can show you how to improve your golf swing, do you complain that the golfer's techniques must have improved due to their putting and that that wasn't covered?  ::)

Of course there are lots of different things to consider. This tool covers finding niches and keywords.
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