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Hey guys,

In case you aren't on my email list and just got here via the forum or some other route, I'm giving away an AWESOME ebook that I paid Josh Spaulding (its author) $5,000 to keep free so I could give it away.

It will teach you how to build and rank profitable niche web sites in Google in record time, and it's absolutely 100% no-strings-attached free (no upsells or gotchas or anything).

The name of the ebook is Rapid Niche Profits. Here's the link:

*** STOP! ***

Okay, so you've got the link to Rapid Niche Profits, and you're going to read it so you can learn what you need to create and rank profitable niche sites fast.

But I'm going to go one step further, just so there's no doubt left that I'm truly interested in your success.

I know that sometimes reading how to do something isn't enough. It can really help to watch somebody else actually do it -- THEN it makes sense and can be duplicated.

That's why I've asked my General Manager, Amin Motin, to setup a free webinar where he demonstrates how to do everything Josh outlines in the ebook from start to finish.

Amin's webinar will take place on Thursday, Sept 27th at 4pm EDT. In case that's a bad time for you, don't worry, Amin has figured out how to get the webinar replays uploaded much faster than before, so you'll still get to watch what he does pretty soon after that.

Okay, NOW you're ready.

Read the ebook and sign up for the free training webinar to make sure you've got the skills you need to succeed.

There are no strings attached. No gotchas, no upsells, nothing. The ebook and the webinar are my gift to you. May you use them well.

Here's the link to the ebook one more time:

Here's the link to the training webinar signup page:

And here's to your success!

Jonathan Leger
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