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I was flipping through Facebook the other day when I saw a nice photograph. I thought I would like it on my Pinterest board but you cannot pin photos from Facebook to Pinterest. Then a little later I saw another nice photo but below it this time was a link saying Repin: and giving the URL. When I clicked the URL, it took me straight to that picture on Pinterest. So I experimented tonight. I picked a photo from my Pinterest account that is from one of my websites, and copied the URL. I then pasted that URL into my Facebook account and it brings up that exact photo. I then typed in Repin and the URL and I now have a copy of the photo AND the Pinterest URL on my Facebook account, for people to click through if they want.
Just FYI, if you want to spread the net further.

I have tried this a couple of times. Sometimes the picture shows, sometimes it doesn't but the link is live.
Some people move their WordPress blogs to different hosting. I know there are some info leaflets about doing this, however, I always find it handy to have more than one source of information, in case I don't understand one of them. Here is an article that tells you how to transfer your WordPress blog from one host to another.
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There are no links or opt-ins required to read it.

on: December 31, 2013, 11:12:19 AM 4 General Category / General Chatter / HAPPY NEW YEAR

Happy New Year to everyone whose New Year is already here and those (including me) for whom it has yet to start. May all your goals be achieved.

Mine is to complete my studies!!!   ;D

on: December 12, 2013, 04:04:23 PM 5 General Category / General Chatter / Help vampires

Interesting and funny post on "help vampires" here:

It covers those people who swamp useful forums and suck the life out of them by asking the same tired old questions without trying to find their own answers first - not that anyone on here would do such a thing!
Some may find this useful
It's free and does NOT ask for your email address. Just download and save if you want.

Very interesting article - make sure you read ALL the small print and definitely check out any double negatives. Do't say you weren't warned!

on: April 12, 2012, 06:33:15 AM 9 General Category / New Product Ideas / A rewriting tool is needed

StuffGalore (Harry) suggested a rewriter would be useful. It would need to be something like the rewriter used in ThriftyContent but it would be a stand alone product that could be used with any content. It's possible to use the rewriter with ThriftyContent on this month's articles but not once the new set of articles replaces them.

He needs a rewriter that splits text up into separate sentences and puts a blank line or a text box in between each one and  then allows use of Dragon Naturally Speaking (or plain old typing) for writing a replacement sentence. Once finished, the tool would then add all the REPLACEMENT text together to create the new, fresh, rewritten article.

I think this would fit well with TBS and IAW because it would allow an easy rewrite of text before spinning or after creating from scraping. It might also fit with the Spin Wizard. And it would also allow easy editing of previous month's ThriftyContent articles if you hadn't got round to editing them at the time.  ;D

It would be nice if the rewritten text could then be pasted straight into TBS, or even uploaded directly into a blog.  ;D

on: April 10, 2012, 09:04:40 PM 10 General Category / General Chatter / Niche marketing goes big?

I read this post on Yahoo about niche marketing getting into the big time and thought some others might also be interested.

on: January 08, 2012, 11:19:24 PM 11 Content Creation / The Best Spinner 3 / misuse of spinning tools

Thought you might enjoy a couple of instances of where someone has used (I presume) a spinning tool and not checked the output for sense. Of course, they could just have been looking up the meanings in a dictionary!  :o These were taken from a couple of spam posts in another forum. The poster was trying to sell watches.

"Just about every person owns a observe or two..." Yes, "watch" also means "observe", when both are verbs, but NOT when "watch" is a noun!

"The accurate lover of time items ..." I assume the original word was "real", or "true".

"American Clock and Enjoy Museum in Connecticut". Now that's a really creative name for a museum!  ;D But I think it's again meant to be "Watch".

"...textbooks on clocks and watches that can dietary supplement your investigation"  ::) I can't even begin to think which word was synonymised as "dietary supplement", unless they wanted the reader to "boost" or "complement" their search for a watch!

Do you think I would click on a link about watches in an article like that?  ???

on: December 31, 2011, 10:52:10 PM 12 General Category / General Chatter / Happy New Year/ Have a Great Day

To all those for whom 1 January 2012 is a new year, Happy New Year! And if this isn't your new year, then have a great day anyway!  ;D

on: December 19, 2011, 11:09:16 PM 13 Content Creation / The Best Spinner 2 / Update TBS2 to TBS3

I have been asked (privately) how to update TBS2 to TBS3.

TBS2 and TBS3 are different products. You can have BOTH on your machine simultaneously and you do not update from one to the other. If you have TBS2 already, you can download TBS3 from the link on the TBS3 forum and run it straight away with the same log in information.
I notice that a few new members have picked the same avatar as other people. That is confusing when you are used to expecting a particular response, to find that it was newbie commenting. When avatars are in use, I tend to look at them instead of reading the name. Is it possible to delete an avatar once someone has picked it?
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