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I have a need for source content to create highly spinnable document. Over the past few weeks I have been playing with a new (to me) way of doing this which has decreased the amount of time taken in preparing a decent document by a large amount. In addition the breadth of topics that I can cover is now, for all practical purposes, infinite.

This whole job took less than 60 minutes and not much longer than it takes me to prepare a highly spun document that I have bought in and need to edit/format to my needs. Of course the cost of doing this is much smaller than trying to buy content. Worse yet, usually, highly spun content that is sold as PLR has usually been beaten to death by people using SENuke and similar tools!

To share the technique I share a walk-through of what I did.
The tools used are:
1) Answer Analyst
2) The Best Spinner
Both are available from Jon Leger.

This project was to create a multi spin document on the topic of 'relationships' for back linking purposes using a large network of sites that I currently post to. The output needs to be of decently readable quality because the accounts are mature and have been active for, in some cases, over a year.

Finding Content With Answer Analyst:

Firstly I used Answer Analyst: added the keyword relationship to the Keywords box and used Y! Answers to generate a list of questions

I chose the simple 'what is a relationship?'

Added the term to the 'Question' box, chose Google as the source, medium answers. Secondary answers, add to current results and loose matching.

Unless you use Answer Analyst this means nothing but you can see the process from the Answer Analyst sales page and from Jon's training video.

The software found over 100 results.

I clicked the check box on all those responses that seemed usable to save the snippets to the clipboard.

Next I clicked add to research (I did not save the references)

Now I have the content for an article. This will be worked on shortly.

Making Article Titles:

Next, I looked for article titles. For this I went to Google in my browser and typed in "What is a relationship" (no quotes)

After looking at the search results I chose a number of titles of pages that seemed relevant to my core question "What Is A Relationship".

In this case I ended up with a list something like this, yours will vary according to the region that you are in and probably your previous searches (I didn't bother logging out of Google):
What Is A Relationship?
What Are Relationships About?
Am I In A Relationship?
Are You In A Relationship?
I Don't Know What A Real Relationship Is
You Don't Know What A Real Relationship Is
Is This A Good Relationship?
Am I In A Good Relationship?
Are You In A Good Relationship?
This Is What Being In A Relationship Really Means
How To Understand What A Relationship Means
What Makes A Good Relationship?
What Is A Good Relationship? - The Signs
What Is A Healthy Relationship?
7 Ingredients Of A Healthy Relationship
What's The Point Of A Relationship?
What Is A Serious Relationship?
What Is It Like To Be In A Relationship?

I went to The Best Spinner and added all the titles I had collected to the work panel then I used 'Auto Select Synonyms' to create variations of each title so that our original 10 titles will multiply a lot. I use 3 synonyms maximum and retain the original.

I checked through the results and quickly edited them. This is important because the title is what readers see first and it makes no sense then it will be disregarded or the article flagged as spam - if that happens I will probably lose the account(s) that I have set up over the months.

After editing I then highlighted all the titles, right clicked and selected 'Title Case' so that each title would look right with initial capitals. Then I selected 'Spin Together' from the Spin Tools ribbon. Now I have a long list of titles and variations all spun together with 91% uniqueness from 7 words average length (a very useful length for article titles!).

Making The Article Body:

So, that's the title. Next I went to the article body. The task is to create a set of paragraphs that can be spun together and using AutoSelect Synonyms create a huge number of unique articles that make sense when read.

I sorted through the results I had previously saved and discarded all that were not appropriate to the topic.
Next I started sorting them into some kind of order. My goal was to make several groups of snippets that could be identified as having some kind of similarity in terms of their theme so that I could create a series of spun together paragraphs. To do this I used a text file and simply cut/pasted snippets into the groups that I wanted. To make the formatting easier to follow during preparation I split each group of sentences that was going to form a paragraph from the others with a line made of asterisks. After a few minutes of sorting I had created a series of paragraphs each with lots of sentences.

The work then moved over to The Best Spinner again.

I pasted all the sentences into TBS and then selected each group of sentences that I had split with asterisks and highlighted them. Now, I went to 'Spin Tools' and selected the 'Spin Together' wizard and started spinning each group of sentences together. In a couple of cases I chose to have a blank paragraph so that the length and structure of each article would differ as well as the words and information.

This left me with very long articles, typically well over 1200 words. When I read the output it looked spammy. To make the article shorter and less obviously 'manufactured' I span some of the previously generated paragraphs together. This made the article shorter and the spun output looked more real and natural. The output was now around 600 words.

At this point the articles generated were substantially unique but the potential variation was not huge. To increase variety in the output I went to 'Auto-Select Synonyms'. First I protected the significant keywords so that there would be no gibberish output and highlighted the whole document. The settings I used for auto synonymising were: Best Quality Cloud Thesaurus. Max Synonyms =3, Every Third Word/Phrase and Auto-select inside spun text. NO REWRITING!

Lastly I used the Remove Original Word wizard to ensure that the output of changes would be different to the source document(s).

Now, I had articles that were over 90% unique, not too spammy looking, and just about 600 words long.

The output read pretty well and although the structure of the articles looks very odd they make surprisingly good sense on a paragraph by paragraph basis.

I tested against Copyscape and found that, because of the setting I had used (every 3rd word or phrase) that each spin was showing some content from other articles - this did not concern me because I know that Article Builder, which does not pass Copyscape works well enough. My judgement was that changing EVERY word or phrase would have made articles that read very badly.

Preparing For Publication:

At this point the formatting was a little untidy. Gaps between paragraphs were sometimes uneven and some paragraphs did not have capital letters. I tidied this up in TBS and saved the result.

For back link building I use an automated tool call Money Robot that works directly with spintax documents so I simply copy pasted the whole document into MR. A couple of minutes later it was busy building web pages across my network of accounts.

The use of Answer Analyst:

I picked up Answer Analyst a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be something of an orphan these days, however, it works very well to collate content. I was very quickly able to generate a large amount of very relevant content and organise it for use in The Best Spinner. There's no problem that I have found with Google throwing up Captchas and I can get content on any topic under the sun.

It is possible to do everything that I did within Google or Bing but the time taken to strip and format the content would make the task very difficult. I have tried using PLR articles, sliced and reformatted as I did with Answer Analyst but the source material is often too widely used and so even after using TBS rewriting tools lots of similar version crop up across the web. Working with AA, in most cases each snippet I use is present in only one place on the Internet.

Even if one does not use the whole system I have outlined here, using the title 'trick' is a great way to expand one's supply of titles for articles - particularly when working with Article Builder, where titles are something of an issue (IMHO).

I hope that somebody finds this useful!

on: July 06, 2015, 08:49:48 AM 2 Traffic Generation / Social Multiplier / Some good results

It's early in the SM process for all of us, but I have a couple suggestions that may help.

I started my first Pinterest account with 2 niches, 3 boards each. It didn't take long to figure out that was not going to work, for reasons that have already been discussed on this board.

So I deleted 3 of my boards and focused on a single niche. I put up 3 more boards in that niche. I was getting about 7% followers, using SM. Plus, the boards were directed at different aspects of the niche, which meant I would have to create a different gizmo in SM to target followers for each sub-niche.

So this time, I deleted 4 of my boards. The other two were very closely related. I used my favorite keyword tool to find other phrases closely related to the names of the remaining 2 boards. I used 4 of these phrases to post 4 more boards.

Which meant my 6 boards were very focused on a single sub-niche of my niche. And that meant I could spin the 6 boards and use a single SM gizmo to search and send new pins to each, and they would make total sense.

Anyway ... for the first few days of using SM, I was getting about 7% followers. One thing I noticed when I manually searched the terms I was using to get followers was that some found subjects that were totally off-subject. Not even close.

So I went back to my keyword tool. With 6 very tightly-related boards, I could search very tight phrases to gather followers.

Again, I manually listed a bunch of phrases, and then I searched them on Pinterest to see what the results were. Certain phrases returned almost 100% the pins I wanted on my site. Which also meant that the followers of the people who posted those pins were probably 100% the people I would want to follow me.

Anyway ... the result is that I now have 6 boards on this Pinterest account and have been using SM to produce 15-16% followers for the past 3 days.   

So ... I think the more demanding you are in your board names and SM search terms, the better your results will be.
Over on the Special Offers forum I have posted a new offer. We are in the process of relaunching Marketers College. There's a special offer with a serious discount and I'll let you read it for yourselves. ;)

However, I thought I'd share something today. I was just setting up a new small package on the site about how to start an online business with little or no money. I thought I'd share it with you. No email to give away, no money changes hands, just a free report with lots of relevant information about how to get started online with little money (but quite a lot of work - which is good, OK?)

The content in the report is all real and valuable to any new business. This is stuff I used back when I was getting started full-time online because back then I was living in a new country with a daily budget of about €3. I HAD to start with no money. I did - well, kinda. :) This stuff works.

By the way, we don't do gimmicks, we don't do tricks, we teach people to make businesses.

Download the PDF file from HERE!
Hi everyone,

I thought that I may share something with you, those who are Excel experts may stop reading just now, no breaking news here - just my humble experience from today.

So, lets get on it.

KS is a great tool, but we all know that results, especially after long term scrapping are various and need to be sorted out in some way.

Here is my short 'tutorial' on how to process gathered data in Excel. Precisely - how to remove unwanted key phrases from the list basing on 'unwanted' word(s).
I'm not an Excel expert by any mean, so I thought few people here may be also interested in some tricky features on how to remove unwanted keywords from the Keyword Snatcher results using Excel.

Ok, so what I'm talking about?

For this example I run few seconds (literally) of scrapping keywords for 'dog training london'

We have got:

As we can see right now, there is few words which aren't really 'money keywords' if you are ranking locally for London.
At first glance they are 'ohio' and 'ontario'. Yet 'south africa' and others. You've got the point.

Copy all the keywords (or download) and open in Excel.

Then click Filters from top menu in Excel

You'll see small arrow at the very first row of your keyword list, and click it.
Next, chose 'Text Filters' -> 'Contains' option

You will see dialog window.
The window will show 'contain' and a field to type in your 'unwanted' word. In our case (let's say) we don't want keywords containing 'ohio' and 'ontario'.

Type in your unwanted keywords and make sure that you change the operator to 'OR'!
Otherwise it will select only rows containing both 'ohio' and 'ontario' (In that case nothing would be selected, you can believe me).

When you click 'OK', you'll get something like this :

Fine. You are on PC - simply click 'Delete' and congrats! - job done.

If I remember - on Mac it would be Cmd+Backspace, but I'm not sure.

What you see now is your list with some 'gaps'. Those gaps (unless you sorted the list somehow) are empty spaces after deleted keywords. That's fine, everything is ok so far.

To sort it out and make nice and tidy, simply go to the menu and click A->Z icon, with column A (in this case) selected.

Ah, quick tip here. If you want to select only as much rows as exist in the spreadsheet - select cell A1 and click Ctrl-A (like 'select all' in Windows), it should select all your cells with the keywords.

Sorry image doesn't show 'selected' items, but you should end up with something like this:

After removing few more words:

I hope that helps a bit.

By the end of this month, TBS will complete 4 years of commercial launch.

Because we are part of it from its earlier days, I just ran a check by Test Spinning a normal PLR article about travel that was 697 words.

I used just Auto Select Synonyms and added only phrases for 2 synonyms in addition to the original.

I have carefully proofread and edited the entire text and have found that there were in all 194 phrases that got synonyms from the Thesaurus of which I have entirely removed spins in 11 of them as they were unnecessary and altered/ modified synonym selections in 41 of them. That means 142 out of 194 phrase synonym choices, making up 73%, did not require any intervention.

For additional information, I would add that I have run a renowned grammar checker software on many spun versions from this spintax to consistently get 9 or 10 out of 10 score every time.

I think we have come a long way. I have test driven every other spinner on the market. TBS is certainly by far the best. But the synonyms can still be better.


I use ArticleBuilder quite a lot and one thing bugs me. I get one title per article. 'That's all you need' says the bloke up In the peanut gallery.

Of course, he is right, but also not right.

If I make a spun together mega article for use in posting or backlinking projects then I get 20 titles. I can do stuff to auto rewrite them but the other day I was working making 500 articles at a time from spun together AB articles (yes, 500 works pretty well). Problem was that even with rewriting and creating more variations from the seed list there was a lot of duplication of titles which I don't really want.

I wanted a solution.


Attached to this post is a looong list of over 230 article title seeds in which the main keyword is replaced with a token: #keyword#. All you need to do is replace, using search/replace the #keyword# token with your main article keyword and you will get, right away, 230 extra titles.

Now, you can add these to your project in The Best Spinner along with the Article Builder list, rewrite them a little for even more variation and press the button to generate the finished articles.

Or, you can just use the list as an idea generator for article titles. ;)

Have fun!

PS. I just added another list set up with 'pipes' for use directly in TBS and other spinners. This version still works with the token replacement.
Found a really useful service today:

It is a free OCR service that can turn text in images into text output in various formats including spreadsheet or txt files.

What use is it?

Well, today I wantd to turn an image from a sales page that was a list of article titles into an editable list. There was almost 100 of them.

A couple of minutes later and I had a neatly formatted text document that took a few seconds to tidy up the spelling. I am sure I will find more uses. ;)
Hey guys,

I've just pushed out an update to IAW, Version 3.1. It has two major changes:

1. It fixes the bug that prevented Google from accepting the captcha solutions that you manually entered into the captcha form. When you manually enter the solution (assuming it's correct) Google will now allow your queries to proceed.

2. I've added support for solving the captchas automatically via If you create an account with DBC and purchase credits you can put your username and password into IAW's Settings form and have the Google captchas solved for you automatically with no intervention on your part.

Let me know what you think.


on: June 11, 2013, 02:45:46 AM 9 Content Creation / Instant Article Wizard / Thank You Meg

Hello Meg

 I have been reading your replies to disgruntled folk.

Sounds like most people just don't give IAW a chance.

Everybody wants instant success. That's why the scammers who sell "get rich quickly" crap are so successful!

I would say to those disgruntled folk, give IAW a chance, like any tool, you have got to spend some time learning how to "drive" it.

Finally, your replies to their queries and the articles on your "How To Site" are really useful. I've just clipped your "search strategies" to my Evernote app.   



Hi guys,

In addition to posting Article Builder content to your blogs automatically, you can now also post custom written, 100% unique (Copyscape-passed) articles to your blogs on a schedule that you define. Article Builder can order articles for you from, using your account API key. Those articles will then be automatically posted to your blog.

HOW IT WORKS: Article Builder will order articles from based on keywords you provide. Those articles will be used to post to your blog on the schedule you choose. Article Builder will attempt to have 10 articles available at any given time to ensure that the articles will be available when they are needed. This means that when you first create a posting job, 10 articles will be ordered. Then one additional article will be ordered each time a new post is made to your blog (until the max number of posts for the job is reached, if you set a maximum).

NOTICE: These articles are not free with your Article Builder account. Article Builder simply ties into using their API. You will need to keep your iNeedArticles account funded in order to use this convenience feature of Article Builder. However, unique content auto posting jobs do not count against your daily Article Builder quota.

You can access this new set of features by going to the "Blogs" menu in Article Builder and pressing the "Unique Auto Posting" button.

Please post any questions or comments you have about this new feature here.


on: May 08, 2013, 11:44:30 AM 11 Content Creation / iNeedArticles / You can now archive orders.

You can now archive orders that you want to remove from your dashboard, and you can show/hide archived orders using the button next to the "My Article Dashboard" header on the page.

Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Using Long-Tail Keywords in Your Website Content

This is a version of an article I wrote and posted on my own website, I hope that you find it useful.

When we want to get visitors to our web pages from search engines we need to get our pages ranked for keywords that searchers are using. This can be pretty hard for competitive terms but can be much easier for what are called 'Long Tail Keywords', these are keywords that are less searched for and thus have less competition. As a general rule Long Tail search terms have more words in them than more competitive terms.

In this article I am going to show how to use a Google Search tool: Google Suggest to drill from a competitive, top level term into additional longer tail keywords that may not show up when using a normal keyword generation or research tool or even the Google Adwords suggestion tool.

This method uses the normal Google search page. To start out just type in the subject area or niche that you are researching into the normal Google search box.

If when searching you are not seeing these suggestions just go here: look for the heading 'Google Instant Predictions' and select one of the two on' options and click the save button at the bottom of the page.

When you start entering search terms you will have almost certainly seen that you start getting suggestions for your search.You can control this to some degree by typing in your base term and then a single letter, parhps start with an 'a'. You will see that Google then offers suggestions of keywords that people are searching for that start with your initial keywords and continue with the letter 'a'. If you add more letters you will see that the suggestions change. Work your way through the alphabet and just note down all the terms that you might find useful - or just drop in and take a term or two as and when you need them.

What is happening is that Google is enabling you to drill down into the search terms being used by real Google users. Using normal tools you may never see these terms because there are not enough searches using the term to get the term picked up in the Google Adwords tool, or other keyword research tools but given that the term shows up it is obvious that people are searching for them.

There's another benefit of using this technique: because these terms are not part of Google's Adwords tool and are unlikely to be in other keyword research tools it is very unlikely that other marketers will be using them - you may be the only person in the world targeting readers with the combinations that you select.

Now that we have found some useful terms that fit our needs we can start to use them in our content. Here's how we go about that task:

Let us suppose that we have a PLR article on a particular topic but the terms used are high level and too competitive to be easily ranked, a very common issue with PLR articles. You can easily modify the keyword phrases in the article with the long tale terms that you have just researched, just by using search/replace in your text editor. You may need to tidy up the article around the replacements to make it read better but the result will be a unique article about the niche topic of your choice using long tail keywords that very few other people are using.

This is a very fast and easy way to find long tail keywords that will help you modify content that you already have on your hard drive and that you can put into your sites for easy quick traffic.
Hi guys and gals,

There are some serious attempts by hackers right now to gain access to your wordpress blogs. Read more details at hostagator blog

Hostgator also links to another article in that blog on how to protect yourself, but if that info is above your head, there are number of plugins to choose from that help. Two that I use together are

"Limit Login Attempts"
"Stealth Login Page"

Be safe
I run quite a few sites that accept user generated content - articles, images, videos etc. Some are part of a blog network used to grow back-links to one's own sites.

All the following is written in the clear knowledge that it is not legal advice and is not written by a lawyer, just a bloke who did some reading and is going through the process described. ;)

Over the past few months I have received quite a few notices asking me to remove content or links due to some imagined problem with Google. Of course, as we all should know, there is no way that anyone can ascertain whether a particular link is a 'bad' link and I know that I run good quality sites and so I ALWAYS refuse such requests, usually without a reply.

Sometimes I get threats in various forms, I have even received threats that I will be hit with a DMCA Take-down notice for copyright infringement if I do not comply. Of course such a threat would not be valid, especially given the initial contact and its purpose. ;)

Well, a few days ago I received a DMCA Take-down for the first time. I received a notice and had 48 hours to respond. A deadline I was not able to hit and so my site went dark.
I did some research and found that it is very rare for people to contest a DMCA notice, the trouble is not seen as being worthwhile. But I learned something else. It is also very rare for a contested DMCA notice to be responded to.
There's a good reason for this.

When a DMCA is opened the complainant is making a claim under penalty of perjury that they are justified in making the claim but there is no money cost and pretty much no comeback if the claim is false.
When a counter claim is made there is also a claim under penalty of perjury from the defendant. Here the defendant is taking a risk because if he goes to court he is liable for the truth of his claim.

However, after the counterclaim is filed the complainant has 10 days in which to file suit at a court in the state of the hosting company and THIS costs money. It is at this point that most counterclaims go unanswered and the dark site goes live and the disputed content is returned to public view once again.

DMCA might be a scary thing for many of us and it may be that we take the view that we should simply roll over and save time and money. Well, I disagree. I spent several hours doing research, I liaised with my hosting company (Hostgator) who gave good input and guidance (but not legal advice!) and who were happy to re-enable my site as long as I removed, at least temporarily, the content under dispute.
On my second attempt I produced a DMCA counter-claim that was acceptable to HG's legal department, that had all the relevant info and was electronically signed in the correct manner. I am now almost a week into the 10 day waiting period and, touch wood, not a peep from the complainants.

That the complainants are a Canadian based internet marketing biz who were mistaken in their original claim may have some relevance here because they have to pay for legal representation in Texas for a claim in which they can be shown to have been economical avec le verite.
The thing is that if we give in to dishonest threats then we all lose. If they come back with a court filing I will simply ensure that the content stays down and will tell the court and complainant the same.

I doubt anything will happen and on the upside I now have a template for counter claims that will enable me to reply in a matter of minutes to a spurious or dishonest claim.

One thing I must make clear though - do NOT get angry with the host if they take down content or the site, they have a legal obligation to do so and they can be helpful in getting things sorted out.

Useful links:
DMCA Info:
Counter Notice generator:
Digital signing service (free service available):

NB. I did not use the Chilling Effects generator, I wrote my own document due to the particular situation of the original claim.

I was just starting to set up an affiliate program for a new product and I want an easy way to test out various pricing strategies. I know I could have done the job with a calculator or a spreadsheet but I found a suedful calculator here that saved me the trouble of doing both. ;)

It works for single purchases or subscriptions, although to be fair it does not account for the initial purchase price which with CB can be different to the succeeding payments.

Here yer goes:
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