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on: August 12, 2013, 05:26:43 PM 1 General Category / Ask Jon A Question / Re: Magic Submitter

 kebjunior, have you gotton to page 1 of Google usiing Magic Submitter?

I've used SENukeX Cr and GSA SER and have spent countless hours trying to do the best with these programs rank but having no success.

Just my 2 cents.
This is REALLY Great Stuff Amin.

Jon said in his e-mail
I recently emailed you about a blogging experiment I did that got me nearly 30,000 visitors - without writing a single article myself.

Can you tell me how long it took to get 30,000 visitors to a blog?
No problem at all. Geneous Jon allows you to "weave" links into the article by checking the Use a generic Super Spun resource box

That's not what I wanted, so I unchecked it and added my own spun resource box text.
Hi Jon,

I already have TBS and AB but pay yearly access. If I buy the lifetime SENukeXCr license will my existing TBS and AB licenses be converted to lifetime access?

I just bought Content Revenge that creates posts from Long Tail Keywords.

Does anyone know the if the keywords produced by KS are good to use with Content Revenge?

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