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Question: are you running SM2 on Mac or Windows?

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Help for redirect settings
« on: Today at 06:06:18 AM »
Are you using Linux/Unix based hosting? Not Windows hosting correct?

I'm afraid I have no idea what would cause that unless you're having some proxy / network issues. I've not seen that happen before.

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Are there any Plans in SM2 to...
« on: January 18, 2017, 03:38:03 PM »
Ah, I see. I don't have any plans to do that at this time, but I'll keep it in mind. I have found that it's best to have one board focused on one topic and to have one pin job for that board whose keywords are directly related to that topic. Otherwise you end up with unrelated pins and people report it as spam (which is a quick path to getting your account suspended).

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Are there any Plans in SM2 to...
« on: January 18, 2017, 02:38:56 PM »
You can already do that. Just select the board from the drop down that you want to pin to.

Are you using the same proxies on each account?

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Social Multiplier 2 / Re: 2 quick questions re: Pinterest
« on: January 17, 2017, 12:16:46 PM »
1. No, because sm2 only targets users with an expressed interest in your market (board followers).

2. If the user followed your account and not just a specific board, yes.

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What are the settings / keywords of the job? Updating should only take a few seconds each time it runs (at most 30 seconds if your database is in serious need of compacting).

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: All Follow show "Running" since Upgrade to 2.12
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:20:21 AM »
SM2 updates the images once every 7 days for each account. Unless you're running on very slow hardware, it usually only takes a couple of minutes per account to do the update.

Is it stuck on a single pinSearch? Or is it showing "pinSearch / Running / Complete" over and over again (which is normal because it's updated the image results).

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: All Follow show "Running" since Upgrade to 2.12
« on: January 17, 2017, 06:54:44 AM »
SM2 won't pin while the images are being updated with pinSearch. You have to be patient and let it finish.

I don't think it's a fix/update on the software side that you need.

If you're going to get your own server (which is probably overkill for one or two sites no matter how much traffic they're getting from Pinterest), be sure to go with a managed solution. You want the host taking care of all security updates, patches, upgrades, etc on the server side (upgrades to things like Wordpress are on you, just like with a shared host). You don't want to have to deal with those things.

As to the server itself, it depends on how many sites you plan on putting on it. One solid dedicated server can host dozens of Wordpress sites if you're using a good caching plugin, and even more redirect domains (since they require just a tiny amount of resources).

One thing to look for are RAID1 drives on the server. That means that the server writes to 2 hard drives simultaneously. If one goes down for any reason, the backup is always there.

I would also make sure that the provider is generous with bandwidth. Our host gives us 2 terabytes of bandwidth per month per server, but even when we've gone over that they haven't charged us.

You don't need a lot of hard drive space for Wordpress / content sites, so you might spring for smaller SSD drives (much faster read speed, comparable write speed). Even 250GB should be plenty unless you're building big databases. The typical Wordpress site might require 5-10mb at most -- 20mb if you go crazy with images. Even at 50mb per site that's 50 money sites running on one server. But the reality is that you could easily fit 100 normal Wordpress sites on there -- the bottleneck for the number of sites is likely to be processing power, not hard drive space. Redirect sites only require a few thousand bytes of drive space, so they're barely even part of the equation.

If you're really a stickler about redundancy and backups (you should be) I would recommend getting an off-site backup plan in place, too. So should a worst-case scenario happen (the data center has a fire and you lose your server -- yes, that's happened to me once a long time ago) you have a backup in place in another geographic location to restore from.

Definitely look at the reviews for a host before deciding on one, though. You want to know they will be there for you when you need it.


Not everyone wants laser-targeted keywords all the time (myself included). For more general markets there's no need, and it limits the possibilities (e.g. using the keywords weight loss without quotes results in a much more diverse set of weight loss related pins than "weight loss").

It's only a couple of extra keystrokes to add them if you need them. :)


Social Multiplier 2 / Re: My Pinterest account got banned
« on: January 14, 2017, 03:50:30 PM »
It's highly unlikely that the pin or follow volume is the cause. Could be spam reports from Pinterest users if the pins don't align well with the pages you're sending people to.

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I'm not having any problems using quoted keywords, but you'd have to try the market you're thinking of to see. Maybe create a test Pinterest account that doesn't actually pin to your site, just repins what SM2 finds, and see if the quoted results work well.

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