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New Product Ideas / Re: TBS3: suggested changes to the "Uniqueness" logic
« on: February 27, 2017, 06:00:33 AM »
sometimes one hits lucky and can be the first to index a PLR product, but it won't last. :)

Of course, if one is not depending upon search traffic then duplication is not really an issue - pointing your Pinterest traffic at PLR, for example, shouldn't be a problem.

New Product Ideas / Re: TBS3: suggested changes to the "Uniqueness" logic
« on: February 27, 2017, 04:47:41 AM »
Two additional points to make:
1) In many topics it is almost certain that there will be some apparent duplication becasue of the jargon and stock phrases used in the subject. Copyscape, the leading plagiarism indication tool uses word groups (shingles) of three words and so it will pick up on 3 (or more) string combinations for duplication. Two word combos are so common that they are ignored.

2) The leading tool, Copyscape, is no longer a very good arbiter of uniqueness. Their index is no longer as comprehensive as it was when the Web was younger. It is still fast and useful but far from being an exhaustive check. The only way that I know of is to paste strings into Google or Bing's search tools and see what they turn up. Both Google and BIng have at least one copy of the entire Internet on their servers but even this is not foolproof as it is not possible to check an entire document and both major search engines provide a personalised, edited view of the Internet to individual searchers.

That leads to a third point, by accident. It has long been suggested that an article that is more than 30% unique compared to other pages on the Internet will be treated as unique by SEs. That seems to be roughly true, however, I have seen that content where the information load is significantly different to other versions tends to do better than articles where the words are different, paragraph order is different but the ideas and facts expressed are substantially the same.

So, a little bit of duplication does no harm at all, but the est case is where the information provided is spun as well. I do that by having several paragraphs that are spun in and out at random giving  not only a different structure but also different information.

It looks as though the link from the Help page within Ineedarticles is incorrect. Probably needs a 30 second touch by the webmaster. :)

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: all 30 of my sites were just suspended today
« on: February 07, 2017, 02:12:00 PM »
What do you mean by 'sites'?

Sites are nothing to do with Pinterest - except in so far as your Pinterest accounts are  linking to the sites. Pinterest can't take any action against your websites.

iNeedArticles / Re: Customer service rep not responding for over a week!
« on: February 07, 2017, 03:45:45 AM »
Writing as a bloke who has only spent a little over $1000 on Ineedarticles since its inception I have a few comments that struck me on reading this thread.

1) These articles are so cheap they are almost free. These are not designed to be deathless prose, they are page fillers. However, very often, the quality of the content returned is well in excess of that which might be expected for the money paid. I have yet to have an article whose vale was less than the money paid.

2) If you don't like an article then simply order another one. If your budget won't run to that then you are not charging enough.

3) To be able to 'reject' an article is exactly the same as getting articles written for free because you seek to get ANOTHER article at zero extra cost.

4) If the content you are reselling to others is 'mission critical' then do not cheap out even further than you are already doing in using INA by not paying the extra to specify style and angle. If you paid the minimum rate for a 4/5 star writer and did not pay the extra to specify style and angle then the outcome is a reflection of your choice, not the failure of the INA writers or system.

5) The order page makes it clear that without style or research fees the writer will simply write about the keyword provided. You get the specified number of words on a topic, no more, no less.

6) I'd set the grammar and syntax skills of any of the 4/5 star writers I have encountered on INA above those of their clients, including myself, any day of the week. To not put too fine a point on it, while many matters of grammar are matters of opinion not fixed fact, I would reckon that these folks are more likely to be in the right than you are.

Suck it up, you tried to cheap out on an order, you did not get what you wanted because you cheaped out and now you want other people to pay for your mistake. That's not fair, it ain't right and you shouldn't get away with it.

iNeedArticles / Re: question about article re-writes
« on: February 03, 2017, 05:30:38 AM »
A few points: getting an article that you don't own rewritten is, in my opinion, wrong. I know that many people do it but that does not make it right. Usually it does not get a good article either!

Over the years I have made a point of buying in good quality content for my pages and promotions and I have used I Need Articles to get many of them rewritten with good results.

Secondly, Copyscape is not a great way to find if content is unique on the Internet. Copyscape is a plagiarism detection tool but it is far from being a complete record of the Internet. It is perfectly possible for a piece of text to 'pass' Copyscape and yet have many analogs on the Internet easily picked up by other search engines.

Thirdly, content from INA DOES 'pass' Copyscape checks if that is your chosen criterion for uniqueness.

I have used links to specific pages, more than one at a time, as reference sources for INA writers to work from. This gives you a good reading, genuinely unique article that does not infringe upon the rights of others.

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Help for redirect settings
« on: January 24, 2017, 02:46:01 PM »
GoDaddy is not the host that you want to use for your online business.

That's good! There's a whole load of them out there, chugging along. Sadly most people never spend a single moment managing the sites. No matter how much we told people that they needed to add content and market their new business they just left them and hoped that some magic would happen. There's no magic, work is a prerequisite of success, as in anything! From my perspective though I am happy that so many still work after so many years and are still indexed in the SE's.

I might restart the service at some point in the future but right now we don't have the time to do 'em. George and I are both busy on other projects.

I have decided to suspend this offer for the time being.

Thanks to the many clients over the past ten years for having the opportunity to build thousands of effective affiliate sites. We still have sites up and running from 2006 when we first started making automated sites.

On a site such as Pinterest then it is simply a case of deleting the offending image, no muss, no fuss.

There's other options and issues if one receives a DMCA in respect of images (or other IP) on one's own sites.

Here's a brief post I wrote a while back on the topic: http://jlforums.com/social-multiplier-2/i-feel-like-i'm-playing-with-fire-here/msg73322/#msg73322

Basically though - quiet life - delete the image.

Yes, this is normal. You will see similar terms on Facebook and other sites with user generated content.

Again, not a lawyer, but to the best of my knowledge one can not give away rights to that which one does not own. Hence, if I post MY images to which I took myself then I can give away my rights to Pinterest and hence to other Pinterest users. This means I can't moan about how any other Pinterest user makes use of my images.


If I use an image from an image library, for example 123RF, then I have limited rights to that image and can't give rights to others. If another Pinterest user makes use of the image I posted from 123RF then it is possible that 123RF might take action against Pinterest, the other user, or both. Some image libraries prohibit use of their imagery on social sites for that reason.

A while back Getty Images and Pinterest came to an agreement such that if Getty Images were used on Pinterest then they'd be flagged automatically and there would be no comeback to original users. Quite a few of my images, which are always licensed, get flagged as Getty stock imagery on Pinterest even though the source was not Getty.

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Website Blocked - Automated TOS/CPU : Blocked
« on: January 02, 2017, 01:24:23 PM »
Obviously this event did not come out of the blue. We should be monitoring our sites and managing them.

Using a cache plugin on a WP site should be standard practice. As I recall, when using Hostgator's installation tool a cache plugin is installed by default.

One other thought, if your site, even without a cache, is such a resource hog that it breaks the Hostgator tripwire then the chances are that your site has issues that need attention. You probably are using poorly coded and/or resource stealing plugins. Cacheing is only a resolution of the symptoms and not a solution to the problem. There are some plugins that simply should not be used on shared hosting.

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Unable to use Social Multiplier 2
« on: December 14, 2016, 11:42:33 PM »
Can I suggest that you try setting up SM2 on your local machine, no proxies or anything. See if that works.
That'll tell you if you have an issue with your VPS config. Given that SM2 actually works already for other people my first port of call for fault finding would be the unknown stuff. A few minutes and you will know for sure.

If the local install works then add your proxy setup. See how it goes.

As per the sales page. We provide an initial article written specifically for your site. We add some additional unique articles to start you off and then an article per day from then onwards. This is to support your own efforts and make sure the site has fresh content even if you, for any reason, are unable to add your own content for a day or two.

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Adsense question
« on: December 08, 2016, 04:18:47 AM »
Glenis, I found that the best thing to get better revenue from Adsense,  assuming traffic is happening, was to provide the right content.

Articles can be written in many ways but if you think about what Adsense clickers are doing then the content type becomes clear. ;)

Every click on an Adsense ad unit is a person who thinks that they have found the answer to the question that got them to your page in the first place.

That means that you should, in your content, not give away answers to  questions. Of course that's not always absolutely possible, but if you keep the idea in mind when writing then that's a help.

This isn't just applicable to Adsense but to affiliate presell pages too (every page on an affiliate site should be a presell page!)

For example, right now I am working on a presell page for new way to treat tartar in dogs. So,  I tell the reader all the bad stuff about tartar in dogs. I will even mention some treatments that are not very good - but I will tell the reader how bad they are.

The only way to see the answer to the question that got the reader to my client's page will be to click on the link I will provide. Same with Adsense. Don't tell the reader the solution, let the adverts tell the reader where to click.

If your traffic is well motivated and gives a high click through then you will get better ads and thus higher revenues. If your readers click and buy then, again, you will get better ads and more money per click.

Remember, if you give away the answers what motivation is there to click on the Adsense?

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