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EXCLUSIVE Special Offers / >>[Solved] New Pinterest Account Suspended!
« on: March 14, 2017, 08:03:56 PM »
Good day SM Users,

Recently, i have seen a lot of suspending cases. Account suspension is discouraging.
I have consolidated all major reasons leading to that in a secret book.
Inside this book, i also uncover a secret pinning formula so that
your accounts will hardly ever get banned by Pinterest.
People who are new or experienced should revise my book ASAP.

Click on this link to claim your FREE ebook. https://goo.gl/aMxVxc

Hi Tony,

        I offer 60 days money back guarantee. You don't need a demo. Why don't you use actually product to test ? You could try Pintective in 60 days. If you are not happy with it for whatever reason, just drop me an email, i will refund every penny of payment. No questions asked!! Also if you are a member of Learn From Jon course and you follow Jon's webinars, you should know what Pintective offers you is exactly what Jon taught us.


Thank you Meg, please check it again. The page takes awhile to process.

Make sure you turn on your sound

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDd5wLSqI9M" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDd5wLSqI9M</a>
Learn more here:>>>> https://goo.gl/I3nEh5

Good day Susan,

      It is great to hear that people start visiting your best selling tshirts. I have couple of reminders for you:
- For new accounts, the total of pins across all boards must be no more than 100 pins a day. For old accounts, personally i will not pin no more than 350 pins/ day across all boards. That could vary up or down but it works for me.
- Check you Seller ID or Affiliate ID to make sure that you enter them with the right format in Sudo Ultimate. You will not be paid commission if your ID is not right. I have put a small reminder text in the latest version and send it to all of buyers including you.
SELLER ID must start with a "?" then number like "12345"
- Don't leave money on the table. Create more accounts with other niches and start pinning as soon as possible. You have nothing to lose. If one of those niches does not make too many sales then you have an aging Pinterest account which is safe to pin more than 100 pins a day.


Using VPS is as easy as using Your Own Computer. Actually, VPS is a computer running on other people house. After creating a VPS on a Vps vendor website, they will give you the access information. You could watch this video to learn more about that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meXXzdry3oQ



Purchased the ultimate edition and am in the process of going through your niche list & exporting the links from Sunfrog. Also, creating my own niche list.

So far the tool is great at picking the most popular. I applaud you for making the software light and not eating much of my PC resources at all.  :)

You stated you are using 3 accounts to post your Tshirts.

1. How many are you pinning per day on each account?
2. Are you using a VPS and proxies for your 3 accounts?

My 2 accounts are fairly well established. I have had them for about 3 years or so. I'm thinking of learning how to set up a VPS and proxies and creating more accounts. Just trying to understand how others are doing it.


1. No matter how many boards you create, the total pins across all boards has to be no more than 100 per day for a new account. The number of following should be no more than 250 a day.

2. Actually, i use one single VPS for all 38 pinterest accounts.


Hi Meg,

I don't see any problem with using same links for multiple pinterest accounts. If you use multiple accounts pinning only one single link, then you should worry about that. This is also not recommended by Jon and Motin with redirect script ( remember ?)

By using sudo, exported files include up to hundreds to thousands of different links.  It will takes you years for one single link could reach to the stage of being recognized as repetition.

It is hardly ever for Pinterest banning entire domain Sunfrog.com just because of few hundreds Social Multiplier people like us. I think if SM 2.0 get better and better, we will not have any problem with Sunfrog links.

P.S If sales have come to you , please share a little bit about that. ;)

Hi Thanh

So your software purely finds the best matches for your keywords, you then add all the images & links via SM2 and post them to your own Pinterest accounts?.

Or does the software find other Pinterest Accounts / Boards to post to?.

I am extensively using SM2 but am facing daily account bans and am looking for new twists as to how to do it....SM2 is a mightily powerful piece of software, but it leaves you open to constant bans within it's basic settings....

The way it works is to find best matches for your desired keyword. The great thing is that they all belong to best selling tshirts. They are proven profitable designs. You then export all of the designs to a csv file. The last thing to do is to upload them to your desired Pinterest board.

You need to specify the boards for SM 2.0 to post your best selling tshirts.

I am sorry to hear that but now you need to create new Pinterest accounts and use them purely for pinning tshirts.  Remember that for new Pinterest accounts,the total number of pins across all boards have to be no more than 100.

Hi Susan,

     For beta version, you are able to search for any keywords. Those keywords are under "Newest" only. The number of tshirts for each keyword is limited to 200.

     For ultimate version, there is no limit.


Hi Thanh,

Thanks for sharing this software with me. It sounds interesting. However, I have a few questions:

1. Do you need to be on a VPS to use this? And, have proxies? I am currently using SM2 on my personal computer with 2 established accounts on Pinterest. I just about have them maxed out in terms of pins/day. Plus, I really don't know how to set up a VPS or proxies and can't seem to find any complete training on JL to do this. I have seen a few sparse videos showing parts of how to do this. But, I am totally confused.

2. You say the Sudo software is in Beta and free for now. I read somewhere on your sales page there are 2 versions? What is the cost once it comes out of beta?

3. How much memory does the software take up on your computer? The SM2 software is running in the background and so far hasn't affected all the other tasks I'm performing with my business.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


1. You don't need any VPS for Sudo. You can run it on your personal computer. Trust me, when i start using SM 2.0 , i also get confused about multiple functions and settings. Take it slow, learn little by little. Everything should be fine. Everyone is here to help you.

2. For beta version , it is free. If you wish to have full potentials of the software , you will need to purchase the ultimate version at the price of $37 for lifetime ( Limited time offer). I personal offer you 60 days money back guarantee. 

3. My software is also designed to take super less memory . You should have no problem running sudo on your computer.

I think you have claimed the beta version. I can see your name on my list. If you wish to see how Sunfrog Domination Ultimate works, please revisit my sale page. I have updated new video there. http://quicktips.online/sunfrogdomination/

Hi Meg,

   From what i understand and i have actually tested with many Pinterest accounts, you should have no problem with that. If you actually open your pinterst accounts, you will see that new followers keep recommending you the links of tshirts. They are all from Sunfrog. That is kind of manual jobs. By using Sunfrog Domination and SM 2.0 , best selling tshirts from your desired niches will be exposed to million potential buyers.  ::)


Yes, once your potential buyers click on tshirts they love, it goes straight to the purchase page of the Sunfrog.


Building a legitimate website is not only a must to keep your website safe
from being policed by Pinterest but also keep visitors sticking longer on your website.

It is impossible to argue against the fact that it takes a lot of time,
money and energy to build and maintain a money site.
You also need to learn about writing email campaigns,
 sale letters before you can start to make sales.

These are huge amount of works.
The good news is that building legitimate websites and
learning how to sell are just one way of making money with Social Multiplier.
 What do you say if you can skip those parts but still make even better income?

What I am talking about is to promote bestselling tshirts
from Sunfrog.com on your Pinterest boards.
 Sunfrog is a website allowing people to sell their own
tshirt designs as well as other people designs.

By promoting other people designs, you earn 40% commission for
 every sale you make. You don’t even need domains or hosting. Isn’t that great?

But why should you waste of your time following this idea?
The answer is that promoting Sunfrog tshirts is super trendy
 among Pinterest users now. If you miss this chance, you will leave a lot
of money on the table.

Don’t take my words for it, I want you to open any of your accounts
and check for the link people recommending to you at the bottom
 left corners. You will see a lot of them are sunfrog links.

Today I will show you step by step how to make endless streams
of incomes by combining my method and Social Multiplier 2.0.

Crawl best-selling tshirt lists
Just in case you have not known about this, Social multiplier has a place for us
to pin our own images instead of let it pick somewhere else.
What we do in this section is to collect image URLs and sale page URLs.
Then we will put them on a file for later step.

In this tutorial, I will use “dog” as a keyword to search for.

Step 1: Install foxyspider and linkgopher. These are the Firefox addons
allowing us to crawl images urls and page urls from Sunfrog.com


After installing linkgopher, If you don’t see it on taskbar,
 click on Customize at the bottom and drag it up to the task bar

Similarly with foxyspider

Step 2: Find tshirts with a desired keyword
Type “dog” in the search box and sort the list by “Best sellers”

Step 3: :Display image and page links
Click on the FoxySpider icon.
This addon will help you to list all image links and page links on the chosen page.
It is very inconvenient to post images here. If you wish to know all about this,
why don't you download this ebook below ?

Click on this link to claim that free ebook:

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