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EXCLUSIVE Special Offers / >>[Solved] New Pinterest Account Suspended!
« on: March 14, 2017, 08:03:56 PM »
Good day SM Users,

Recently, i have seen a lot of suspending cases. Account suspension is discouraging.
I have consolidated all major reasons leading to that in a secret book.
Inside this book, i also uncover a secret pinning formula so that
your accounts will hardly ever get banned by Pinterest.
People who are new or experienced should revise my book ASAP.

Click on this link to claim your FREE ebook. https://goo.gl/aMxVxc

Make sure you turn on your sound

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDd5wLSqI9M" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDd5wLSqI9M</a>
Learn more here:>>>> https://goo.gl/I3nEh5


Building a legitimate website is not only a must to keep your website safe
from being policed by Pinterest but also keep visitors sticking longer on your website.

It is impossible to argue against the fact that it takes a lot of time,
money and energy to build and maintain a money site.
You also need to learn about writing email campaigns,
 sale letters before you can start to make sales.

These are huge amount of works.
The good news is that building legitimate websites and
learning how to sell are just one way of making money with Social Multiplier.
 What do you say if you can skip those parts but still make even better income?

What I am talking about is to promote bestselling tshirts
from Sunfrog.com on your Pinterest boards.
 Sunfrog is a website allowing people to sell their own
tshirt designs as well as other people designs.

By promoting other people designs, you earn 40% commission for
 every sale you make. You don’t even need domains or hosting. Isn’t that great?

But why should you waste of your time following this idea?
The answer is that promoting Sunfrog tshirts is super trendy
 among Pinterest users now. If you miss this chance, you will leave a lot
of money on the table.

Don’t take my words for it, I want you to open any of your accounts
and check for the link people recommending to you at the bottom
 left corners. You will see a lot of them are sunfrog links.

Today I will show you step by step how to make endless streams
of incomes by combining my method and Social Multiplier 2.0.

Crawl best-selling tshirt lists
Just in case you have not known about this, Social multiplier has a place for us
to pin our own images instead of let it pick somewhere else.
What we do in this section is to collect image URLs and sale page URLs.
Then we will put them on a file for later step.

In this tutorial, I will use “dog” as a keyword to search for.

Step 1: Install foxyspider and linkgopher. These are the Firefox addons
allowing us to crawl images urls and page urls from Sunfrog.com


After installing linkgopher, If you don’t see it on taskbar,
 click on Customize at the bottom and drag it up to the task bar

Similarly with foxyspider

Step 2: Find tshirts with a desired keyword
Type “dog” in the search box and sort the list by “Best sellers”

Step 3: :Display image and page links
Click on the FoxySpider icon.
This addon will help you to list all image links and page links on the chosen page.
It is very inconvenient to post images here. If you wish to know all about this,
why don't you download this ebook below ?

Click on this link to claim that free ebook:

          hi guys,
            I have used the update version recently. It have not pinned anything actually. Although, it counts the number of images pinned, there was nothing in actual board. I checked with helpdesk but they could not solve the issue. BTW SM told me to add username. I am not sure what i did is correct or not say my account is helloworld@gmail. com so my username should be helloworld . Is that correct ? Does anyone experience the similar problem ?

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