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Social Multiplier 2 / Re: 6 accounts suspended today :(
« on: April 12, 2017, 05:15:49 PM »
These days you should only pin 100 /24h max. That is recommended by Jon in his webinar. 

4 The nature of your niches
The niche is one of the most popular growing niches online today so definitely not that

For me, popular niches takes much higher rate of infant suspension.The way SM works is to take most popular pins based on your desired keywords. That might will cause the problem for the following reason.

 -  Take weight loss for example. Weight loss converts very well on Pinterest. Thus everyone wants a piece of the cake. As a result, the number of competitions is very high. Most account owners invest heavily on their pictures to keep their ranking and also the quality of their websites. They monitor their performance of their pin regularly. SM crawl and repin those pictures on your boards. As a result, if they find that you ( their competitor) "steal" their pins to promote your website , they will not hesitate to report your account right away. That is one of reasons leading to quick suspension.

In addition to that, the quality of pins in this niche is very high. They also go with high quality articles. Audiences in this niche are usually fed with  high quality "food". They will not like the cheap "food" or misleading "food". As a result, you should have even a better content than the original articles unless you want your accounts to be reported for misleading.

I personally got 100% suspension rate in this niche after two weeks. You need to be very conservative in terms of pinning and following when you approach to popular niches like weight loss.



Thank you

this was shown to me as well ...


noting the bit where it says ... "... It's only the Shopify store images. "

hmmm ...
As far as i know Pinterest loves to see legitimate websites with rich contents. Pinterest may need more than just images. Rich contents brings good experience to visitors. Thus, users will be less likely to report your websites. There are some exceptions like amazon, sunfrog, zazzle.. You can create a new account and see if this time it gets banned like the previous one.

You should know that being banned could be due to a combination of reasons. That add up overtime then one morning it will happen like that.


I thought I would set up another pinterest account for a different venture - pointing to a shopify store

I got to setting up the first board and making a list of the next 6 or 8 boards to go in. Saved a pin in to the first board and bag - the pinterest account froze and locked out saying I had broken TOS.

Please advise would this have been

a/ because it was pointing to a shopify store?

b/ they maybe had seen the proxy IP address before?

c/ perhaps my VA, myself  or someone somehow elsewhere had set up a pinterest board pointing at that money site before

d/ possibly something to do with the gmail account? The gmail account was bought in brand new about 3 weeks ago as part of a YT channel bought in - Yesterday it was working but I had to be verify it using a UK SIM card to re-open it (not ideal but probably not grounds for shutting down the pinterest account)

e/ possibly the UK-based sim card number had been used before - It was lazy of me to use that sim card instead of going to the shop and getting another for £2 - I regret not going and getting another one now just to rule that out as an issue.

f/ Any other factor you might think of?

Does this mean that I will not be able to use pinterest to marketing this shopfy store (could a redirect work instead maybe?)

Woiuld like to get to the bottom of why this pinterest account just stopped working so suddenly - would like even more to get going promoting this shopify store using SM2 if at all possible.

Thanks guys for any thoughs or suggests.
Below is top 5 major reasons leading to account suspension.

1 The account was improperly setup
Business type, using gmail, proxy type and quality ?
2 You're trying to pin to the same domain from multiple accounts ?
3 The site you're promoting is spammy, low quality or overly salesy in its approach
4 The nature of your niches
5 The human factors : the one who suspended your account has a bad day. He or she gets dumped over text messages.


4. You need to check your site on Google . Your website must have at least 200.000 results on google to be considered an established website. It is not really a matter of how long. In some niches, you can only pin very slow unless you want to be banned. It takes much longer for your website to be established. 

Hey Thanh thanks for your answers,

Just to clarify about number 4. By checking your site on google about results... Are you saying that my website would need to have at least 200 thousand indexable pages, and then actually have 200 thousand of them indexed on google. That's quite a lot if that's the case and really wouldn't be possible for 99.9% of all sites. And why would pinterest be that concerned with what google has to say anyway, particularly when it comes to something as simple as having multiple pinterest accounts linking to the same website without the redirect trick. It seems more viable for pinterest to judge the popularity/age/authority of a site through their internal statistics with the way people are linking to it, rather than relying on a single metric that google provides. Also the number of pages indexed on a website doesn't really indicate much about it's authority/popularity/age.

If I sound disrespectful I don't mean to be. I'm just thinking critically and trying to understand how pinterest works.

Thanks for your taking the time to answer

Hi Nik,

          Actually, you website is not necessarily indexed on Google. It only need to be indexed on Pinterest. Below is how to check, type on searching box the following
site:pinterest.com "yourdomain.com" 


Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Proxy setup on Android phones?
« on: April 01, 2017, 06:08:30 AM »
Hi, is it possible to setup our proxies on android phones so that I can use my pinterest account when I am traveling to check the analitics and delete some pin etc. if needed?

As far as i know , there is an indirect way to do that. You connect your phone to VPS . From there you could work on VPS with your Social Multiplier and firefox. Check this out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.rdc.android

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: pva gmail
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:49:20 AM »
Can anybody recommend a good pva gmail seller website that has worked out ok?

You can post your request on Upwork.com. Many people offer excellent services there.

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: About redirects
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:33:35 AM »
Hi again,

I looked into the "redirect video" and afterwards some questions popped up.
How to configure the Pinterest account/boards/keywords/URLs?
How to redirect exactly (configuration at the script?) that visitors come to the right page at the "Main Website"?
Any other things to take care?

Cheers, Chris

From my own experience, if you set up redirect script correctly, all you have to do next is to configure Pinterest account/boards/keywords as a regular account. Keep in mind that, links from the redirect domain must be as following format.

redirectdomain.com/helloworld            -> maindomain.com/helloworld
redirectdomain.com/hellokitty             -> maindomain.com/hellokitty
redirectdomain.com/hellogoogle           -> maindomain.com/hellogoogle

Hey guys I have compiled a list of questions that I have about Social Multiplier, and how Pinterest works in general. I thought it would be easier to compile this list into one post instead of asking each question individually on a separate post. Also I've been doing some reading up on the forum, and have use that as a way to come up with these questions because it wasn't clear for me.

1. What are the symptoms that would indicate a website is banned from pinterest? Is it simply when no pictures linking to the domain are able to be pinned?

2. This is for my personal understanding. What's the logic behind why pinterest would allow pinning of even 100 pictures a day, and 100 follows? Isn't even this unnatural for a single individual to do everyday single day for months, and months? I mean even this conservative example would take hours to do for a single person, and to do this consistently for months is crazy. What if an account does 200 pins, and 200 follows a day (or more), surely pinterest could assume the person is using a some kind of automation software, and close the account. So why don't they?

Questions relating to redirects:

3. Here is a statement about redirects and my understanding of why to use them. I would like to know if the statement is accurate, and if it's not what part about it is incorrect. Redirects enable you to to promote a single new website with multiple pinterest accounts simultaneously and instantly, without waiting for the website to age in the eyes of pinterest. In essence the redirects conceal the website that is being promoted.

4. Once a website has been pinned long enough (usually a few months) by a single pinterest account that isn't using redirects, and that pinterest account has been getting many repins, it is alright to create multiple pinterest account to promote the site without using redirects. This is because the website has now aged in the eyes of pinterest. Is this accurate?

5. When using a redirect website, what website do you "confirm" in your pinterest account. Is it the redirect website, or the website that is being redirected to?

6. Is it alright to redirect an entire website to a single page on a different website, sort of like this?
         siteone.com/country-decor                 redirects to >>>>               mainsite.com/curtain-designs
         siteone.com/cussion-padding              redirects to >>>>               mainsite.com/curtain-designs
         siteone.com/carpet-layout                   redirects to >>>>              mainsite.com/curtain-designs

7. Another question about redirects... Aren't redirects against pinterest's policy? If this is the case aren't you always at risk of your account getting closed?
   Here is a quote from this page: about.pinterest.com/en/acceptable-use-policy
      "You also can't use cloaking, off-domain redirects, or any other technical measures to do any of these, or to intentionally obscure a Pin's final destination"
Questions relating to "Use Target URL":

8. Should a person set the "use target url" option to something less that 100%. I've been growing a pinterest account for almost 2 months and have 8,177 pins, and I haven't linked to anything else besides a single page (my youtube channel page). Collectively the account has 1,637,193 impressions, and 17,824 saves. I haven't had any problems, but maybe it's because I'm linking to youtube. Has anyone experienced an issue where they have been linking to an unestablished website in the eyes of pinterest, and they know for a fact that the issue was caused by linking exclusively to a single page/domain?

9. If a person uses "use target url" set to 50%, naturally 50% of pins would go to the original pinner. If you notice a pin gets popular that doesn't link to your site is it worth it to go into the pinterest account and change the url so that it points to your site. My thinking process is that if a pin has been saved 100 times and has 10,000 impressions, then changing the url now, would have 1/100th the effect. The reason I think this is because the change I make would effect only my pin, and not the 100 times it has been saved. To restate, is it worth it to change a pin's url if it becomes popular, or is my thinking about it wrong?

I appreciate your guys' input
Let me any some of your questions.
1. You log in any account and put your domain in any Pins. If you can do that successfully, then your domain is not banned.

4. You need to check your site on Google . Your website must have at least 200.000 results on google to be considered an established website. It is not really a matter of how long. In some niches, you can only pin very slow unless you want to be banned. It takes much longer for your website to be established. 

5. I have 38 accounts. I leave that domain field blank for all of them.

6. As far as i know you can only redirect with the following link format:
         siteone.com/country-decor                 redirects to >>>>               mainsite.com/country-decor 
         siteone.com/cussion-padding              redirects to >>>>               mainsite.com/cussion-padding
         siteone.com/carpet-layout                   redirects to >>>>              mainsite.com/carpet-layout

7. Using redirect script is against Pinterest TOS and your accounts will be banned if they detect that. However, the script is just perfect. I have used them for around 4 months without any problems.

Hi, I am just setting up new US accounts and going through Amin's video about the Firefox settings.
He didn't mentioned if the "Remote DNS checkbox" is mandatory to check and what about the SOCKS v5 setting.

The form in Firefox changed slightly so I have no clue what to check and what not.

Thanks, Tomchy

Hi Tomchy,

      I have more than 38 accounts and i follow exactly what is presented in the video. I don't touch other fields. I have create one after one without any problems. BTW, what is your firefox version ?


Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Shortened Links Ok?
« on: March 31, 2017, 05:33:22 PM »
Is it ok to use short links on Pinterest? Like bit.ly or similar?

For me i don't think that is a good idea. You could try that but you may face to the risk of account suspension. if you wish to track clicks on your link , i will suggest you using a Wordpress plugin named Pretty Link. It uses your own domain name for click tracking purpose.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I have set up my US proxy to the letter. I now go to create my Pinterest 'Business' A/C.

All sign-up info is entered, I then click the 'create a business a/c button'........nothing!

All I get is a small 'spinning' disc.....it just keeps spinning and spinning. Obviously it seems I am doing something wrong, but I can't see what.

I then signed up a 'fake' a/c from my UK proxy..just to test it...and bingo, all set up in seconds.

Anyone got any ideas or help as to where I am going wrong, as it seems I am hitting a brick wall after every hurdle I jump.


I have experienced this situation before. In my case that is because of the proxy IP. Just check out all successful proxies ( can create accounts) and request proxy provider to change the failed proxy to the address similar to successful ones.

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: My Pinterest URL is NOT Being Replaced...
« on: March 30, 2017, 05:07:37 PM »
Hi Jon...

The Pinterest url for my pins is not being replaced by the url I have specified inside of SM2...

I have the setting checked under settings to check the url to make sure this does not happen... but my pins are still being posted with random url's instead...

What can I do?..

Thanks :)

- David

I think SM has already saved previous URLs list in its database. You may need to wait for a while for SM to use up all saved URLs.  When the job is finished, SM will use new URLs. If you can not wait, i will suggest you to remove those Pinning jobs 100% and add again with your desired URLs. Remember to subtract the number of pins used . Like if the job is on 20/100, you should set the max pin to 80. You can switch back to 100 a day later.


Hi Jon...

How often do you guys create new Pinterest profiles to stay safe?..

If I have one Pinterest profile already going... and I want to create a new one to another url... is there a minimum amount of time I should wait between profile creation?..

... or can I create as many accounts per day as I want... as long as they all go to a different url/redirect and have different proxies?..

Thanks :)

- David

As long as you use proxies, you can create as many as you want. By using proxies, Pinterest will not know that newly accounts are created by one person.


Thank you Thanh,

Great advice. Still no sales but views.

I'm working on getting set up with proxies and additional Pinterest accounts on an old laptop I'm upgrading the hard drive to a SSD today.

Will post successes as soon as they happen.  ;)

I have a tip for you. You should pick styles of shirts which people wear them for outdoor activities, especially sport events.

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