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I posted on your other thread but now is the time to set up a new Pinterest account, using a new gmail address, a US proxy and the redirect method.

Thank you Meg, I read your other post. I'll be doing just that but I thought of waiting a few days till Pinterest gives me a reply because I've already contacted them regarding this.

* Regarding Proxies, I'm not too sure which are the best ones around, any recommendations?
* On the redirect method, is it like, when someone clicks on my newdomain (on new Pinterest account) it gets redirected and opens the olddomain? Do you think this is a fast way to recover?

I was also thinking of putting up a new niche site with that new domain based on popular boards, and put about 30 posts, and add banners ads below the posts and on sidebars, all which will take to my old site's posts. This is a huge task again. Any other better suggestions that this?

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: My Pinterest account got banned
« Last post by slylebird on Today at 02:10:46 AM »
Received the Pinterest response and the account has been banned.
I am moving on but will in the future be more careful with my selection of keywords
and only use those that are in the board topic and/or name.

I am also now going to vary the pinning daily rates on a weekly basis and use odd numbers
for daily totals pinned and never even such as 10, 20 ,30 ect, ect.

Probably not needed, as there must be a certain amount of so called spam complaints that is
allowed and once one reaches that amount the red flag goes up.
I visited over 100 pins in the banned account topic/board names and 90% ended up at
pages totally unrelated to the topic! It would seem to be just a numbers game.
Everything has to be kept to a certain proportion.

Anyway will direct traffic to the site but from a new account and being very care about the
keywords I use. But am modifying the websites menus so the linked pages  match the board
topics and as near as possible the keywords.

I posted on your other thread but now is the time to set up a new Pinterest account, using a new gmail address, a US proxy and the redirect method.
The next step is to get a proxy, get a new domain name, a gmail account and set up a new Pinterest account. Use the redirect method described elsewhere.
1) How many pins were you pinning per board, and in total, per day?

2) Did you search pins using quotes? Irrelevant pins is my big fear.

3) Did you follow too many people?

There is more stuff that goes into just this and it's all about looking legit and keeping things "real", but these seem to be the main factors, I think.....

I don't think you can just plug in the software and leave it hands off.

Social Multiplier 2 / Re: Help for redirect settings
« Last post by jackal65 on January 19, 2017, 10:25:38 PM »
Noone else has encountered the same issue?

I'm blocked here


I just checked my email and found that my Pinterest account has been suspended. Below is the first email I got from them.

''We wanted to let you know we suspended your Pinterest account because of some activity that goes against our spam policies.

On Pinterest, spam includes saving lots of unwanted or repetitive stuff, trying to game our systems, or posting fraudulent, deceptive or unsolicited commercial messages. We block spam like this because it creates a bad experience for other people on Pinterest.

If you think we made a mistake, please let us know within the next 7 days.''

I have clicked the link to inform them within the next 7 days.

This is the second email I got almost immediately.

''We deactivated your account because it looked like you were posting spammy pins, which goes against our Acceptable Use Policy. To us spam is any content that's fraudulent or deceptive, pinning large amounts of unwanted or repetitive stuff, posting unsolicited commercial messages in comments, descriptions, etc., or trying to artificially boost views, Pins, comments or other metrics. Unfortunately we will not be reactivating your account.

Thanks for your understanding,''

I believe I haven't spammed anyone but there are few times that I put a link in the description, which is also the same one linked to the image. Only wrong move I made is posting some manual pins from my new location, while I do not have a proxy server. I totally forgot about this.

What should I do in this case? I just moved to a dedicated server. This is a very rough ride so far.
What I do not understand is, I still gets hits from Pinterest according to my Google analytics.

I only use one account, no proxies. With this laptop I don't have an antivirus installed yet. How do you make a general setup to firewall and antivirus in order to white list it? Thanks

If you do not use a proxy, then Pinterest does not see you as being the same person. You have moved your computer, so your IP address is not the same as it was when you were in America. It MAY think you are a hacker trying to log into someone else's account! It will probably catch up, after all people DO move across the world but if you are going to move between the US and Thailand, you MIGHT be as well to get a proxy for this account. Then you will be able to update SM2 wherever you are in the world. The other thing is, SM2 currently only works on the USA Pinterest site. Here in Europe, we are shunted off to a European version of Pinterest if we log in from our home IP address. The same may happen in your part of the world.

If you are going to get a proxy address, it would be best to get one in your USA neighborhood, if you are moving back there. But any US proxy should do. And I would leave it a couple of days before logging back in, so you don't look to Pinterest like you have developed instant teleportation between Thailand and the USA.

I understand Thank you. Looks like they suspended my Account now.
Social Multiplier 2 / Totally Confused About JL Mailer
« Last post by susanbridges on January 19, 2017, 02:55:07 PM »
First, the video of Amin talking is about setting up Mandrill, not SparkPost. Setting up SparkPost is totally different than Mandrill.

I managed to muddle my way through SparkPost setup until I got to "adding sending domains." When I attempt to verify the emails I get an error message: "An error occurred. Failed to generate message (1901): Failed to generate verification email." I know they are working because I have tested the emails myself and they work.

I have placed a support ticket with SparkPost and am waiting for a response on this error code.

The rest of the tutorial video is of no help in trying to get through the SparkPost requirements.

I attempted to verify the SparkPost API and entered the email address on JL Mailer and received the following: "SparkPost verification email sending failed. Contact support. "

So, I asked again is there going to be new JL Mailer training for those of us that got it with the SM2 package? And, which Support should I be contacting...SparkPost or JL Mailer?

Super aggravated right now.  >:(
Social Multiplier 2 / Re: No Pinning and Follows - Using SM2 in a Different Location
« Last post by bizinhome on January 19, 2017, 02:05:07 PM »
When I changed my ip from Spain to USA (i did not post for 24hr sort of like simulating i was moving) As soon as i logged in with the new IP, I immediately got an email from them asking me if it was me and until i clicked the link saying yes it would not pin.

so maybe you have missed the email have a look in spam etc

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