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Has Pinterest Crawler Visited Your Site?

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Has Pinterest Crawler Visited Your Site?
« on: March 02, 2017, 07:14:38 PM »
According to Pinterest:

"As we work to build the world’s catalogue of ideas, we’re creating a database of millions of Pins on Pinterest. In order to make sure that we protect our users and provide the highest quality content we can, we use web crawlers to help us identify the data behind the Pins.
These pages contain rich signals that enable us to infer better recommendations, fight spam, and display useful information. This helps to create a rich, relevant, and safe experience for Pinners and Partners. To take full advantage of these signals, we regularly fetch, store, and process page content associated with Pins."

To me this means a website could be really cranking out the visitors even after one or more visits from the crawler. The crawler collects relevant data about content. The data is then analyzed by their business logic in any number of ways including other domains/ pin boards, etc.

So just as SM2 may be tweaked - Pin's business algorithms are likely also being tweaked to weed this kind of thing out. A natural evolution of code that may kill ya at any moment or wound ya just enough to limp along...