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Has Anyone Actually Seen Clicks & Conversions from Using Social Multiplier Yet?

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I know that most the posting here are technical issues with Social Multiplier...I've had my fair share as well

However, for those of you that have used the software for a consistent amount of time, have you actually seen clicks & conversions
from your links?...Actually made money from using Social Multiplier?

I ask because I've been using it consistently for a couple months now...tried different offers, different descriptions,different niches....and while
I can see followers and imaging posting, I've yet to see any actual conversions for any of the niches (and I'm talking about popular & trending
pinterest niches)

Would love to here your experience and see if you think it's worth the time,effort and money


I have started seeing some success. I do believe pinterest traffic is mainly from the USA as my UK conversion is not good at all however my USA conversion is at about 4%

Please see screen shot

Thumbs up to JL for this great tool  ;D 8) ;D

Is it Amazon Affiliate Marketing your doing with Social Multipier?

I'm trying to get clicks and conversions to my Niche Review Sites?

I live in US so perhaps I'll be a little more direct with my descriptions to see what happens

PS: I agree it's great software...just haven't found the edge yet to make it work for me

Gary :'(

Hi Jon-

I'd love to see an Instagram Traffic Software Title from you as well...any plans for something like that?
I especially like your products because you always provide great support and updates that a lot of other sellers lack

PS: Still plugging away with Social Multiplier

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I don't have plans for that at this time, no, but who knows? :)

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I don't use SM directly to make sales, however I have seen an uptick in traffic from our work and a significant amount of extra social activity. Our Pinterest visitors seem to be more active with 'Likes' and 'Follows' than our search engine and link traffic.

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Not at all.