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Latest Version - 1.133 - Updates Here

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Latest Version - 1.133 - Updates Here
« on: July 02, 2015, 07:56:25 PM »
I'm going to post information about the updates here as they are made.

Version 1.133

Fixed following/unfollowing issue (Pinterest made some changes that had to be accounted for).

Version 1.132

Fixed auto-pinning issue (Pinterest made some changes that had to be accounted for).

Version 1.131

Pinterest changed the way it displays the username for some accounts on the page (it no longer does). So you need to add your Pinterest account username into each profile you use. The software will notify you of the need to add the usernames into the accounts until you do so.

This should resolve the logging in and out issue for the users that were affected by that.

Version 1.1301

Slight change from Pinterest caused Find Popular Pinterest Images not to work when creating a new pinning schedule.

Version 1.13

Improved unfollowing automation. Some people were having issues with the unfollowing not working.

Version 1.129

Resolved issue where a certain login screen would prevent pinning from occurring.

Version 1.128

Resolved a number of issues caused by Pinterest changing the way the format the follower count. This change prevented auto-following from working.

Version 1.124

Bug fix version. Pinterest automatically sets email addresses to lower case, so if you put an email address in a profile that had uppercase letters it would login/logout repeatedly because SM thought the login failed when the capitalized email address didn't appear on the post-login page.

Version 1.123

Bug fix version. There was a problem with parsing import files in the auto-pinning scheduler if the import file contained spintax.

Version 1.122

Added "Help" tab.

Version 1.121

New checkbox on the auto-scheduler form, "Do not pin image titles, just the descriptions." This will prevent the titles shown under the images from being pinned. Only the descriptions you provide will be pinned under the image.

Version 1.12

This is a significant update. On the auto-pinning scheduler you can now choose to search for popular images on Pinterest that match your keywords rather than searching Bing. Simply click the "Find Popular Pinterest Images" button instead of the "Find Images" button -- everything else functions the same. Pinning images that have proven popular on Pinterest onto your own boards can potential increase your visibility and click-throughs.

The creative commons and tall images only checkboxes do not apply on the Popular Pinterest Images search.

Also, you can now maximize the auto-pinning scheduler window to see more images at a time.

Version 1.1151

Bug fix version.

Version 1.115

Added a checkbox in the auto-pinning scheduler:

Use page image was found as image target URL (you can add your URL to the pin description).

If you check this box, the pinned image will be linked back to the page where the image was found by Bing rather than to one of the target URLs specified. You can, of course, still put your target URL into the pin description, but the image creator/owner will still receive attribution and a link if people click-through the image itself.

This functionality will only work for new auto-pinning schedules. Checking this box on schedules created before this version will have no effect.

Version 1.1143

Fixed a bug that caused some Pinterest accounts to repeatedly log in and out without Social Multiplier recognizing that the login was successful.

Version 1.1141

Pinterest sometimes prevents you from following more people until your own follower count grows. This version adds code to trap that pop-up from Pinterest and abort following when it is encountered. It will try again at each scheduled interval to see if you are allowed to follow again.

Version 1.114

Added new "Bulk Board Pinning" button on the Pinterest tab. You can pin the same pin to many boards at once. Very useful if you've posted a new article or product and have been invited to pin on a number of related boards. You can advertise on all of those boards while only creating the pin details once.

Version 1.113

Fixed a few bugs and also included code that should prevent the profile data from getting corrupted in the unexpected event of a crash.

Version 1.1123

Added  a "Skip first paragraph" option on the Auto-Pinning Scheduler when having Social Multiplier create snippets of your pages as descriptions. This will typically skip the introductory paragraph and get right to the "meat" of the article.

Version 1.1122

When new Pinterest accounts follow too many users too fast, Pinterest will sometimes block the account from following (usually temporarily). This update catches those block messages from Pinterest and aborts the following process until the block is lifted. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that you start off slow when following with new accounts and build up as your account grows and gets more followers.

Also there's a new "Run in Debug mode" check box on the schedules tab. Running in debug mode will stop all schedules from running (you have to run them manually) and run everything visibly in the Web tab so you can see what's going on.

Version 1.111

Lots of improvements in this version, most in the Auto-Pinning Scheduler.

1. There's a new checkbox so you can choose to pin only "Tall Images". Taller images are more visible in Pinterest and tend to get more notice and drive more traffic. Now you can opt to only search for tall images.

2. "Crawl Site For URLs" button (beneath the Target URLs label). You can now crawl your sites to get all of the URLs on the site using the built-in crawler, and save those URLs into the Target URLs box.

3. "Use a page snippet from the target URL" checkbox. If you check this box, then a page snippet will automatically be created by Social Multiplier and used as the description of the pin rather than the image title and one of the descriptions in the description box. Also, when checked, the content from the new "Read More Text" box will be added to the end of the description so the viewer can click-through to the page to read the rest of the article on that page. Use the [TARGET_URL] tag in the field where you want the page URL to go.

These three new features allow you to really drive a lot of traffic to your site with taller images and descriptions that give only the first paragraph or so of the article text on the page. The Pinterest user has to click-through to get the rest of the article. That, of course, means more opt-ins, more ad revenue and more sales for you!

4. There's now a Version Update Changes tab where you can see the changes that are in each updated version of the software.

Version 1.1076

Added the ability to use spintax in the Keywords field of the Auto-(Un)Follow Scheduler. Also fixed a few bugs.

Version 1.10751

Minor update.

Version 1.1075

Added code to restore the last good backup of the pin data should it get corrupted. Also, the Help and Affiliate buttons now work.

Version 1.10741

Rolled back a small change to the pinning method. Also, you can now use spintax in the Auto-Pinning Scheduler's "Pin To Boards" field.

Version 1.1074

Fixed a bug that would prevented multiple accounts from being able to run tasks at the same time without logging one of them out. That is, if account1@domain.com was performing an unfollow operation and account2@domain.com was logged in by SM to pin an image, account1@domain.com would get logged out and account1@domain.com would get logged in, causing the unfollow operation to fail.

Version 1.1073

Bug fix version. Corrects a number of small bugs reported by the new error post-back routines.

Version 1.1072

This version adds extensive error trapping to prevent issues that only come up occasionally from stopping SM from continuing to run. All errors are also posted to the LearnFromJon.com server and reported back to me so I can see all of the errors people are running into and what I can better work on the solutions.

Version 1.1071

Bug fix version to correct problem of a bunch of SocialMultiplier.exe processes being stuck in memory and too many pins being pinned at each scheduled interval.

Version 1.107

This version adds support for proxies. You can add a proxy to each individual profile by editing the profile. The proxy is used for every function performed for that Pinterest profile. This version also has a number of bug fixes and aesthetic corrections.

Version 1.1061

An update was made to the auto-updating app to fix a bug. Also SM was improved a bit aesthetically and a Help button was added that takes you to a web page where the help videos and best practices will appear (they're not there yet). There's an affiliates button on the main form now as well, but it's not yet active.

Version 1.106

On the auto-pinning scheduler you can now import your own images, page urls and descriptions from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. The format of the file should be:


Be sure to include the [page_url] in the [description] as well, so that people can click the link on the pin description to go directly to the [page_url].  Here's an example:

"http://mysite.com/images/product_image.jpg","http://mysite.com/product-page/","Buy this product at http://mysite.com/product-page"

Version 1.10541

Modified the auto-update to make sure no other instances of SocialMultiplier are running when it goes to update (which caused an error). If other instances are still running (e.g. following/unfollowing/inviting), it waits until those are done before performing the auto-update.

Version 1.1054

When setting up auto-pinning jobs, you can now click the new "Load Images From Schedule" button and load the images from an auto-pinning job you've already setup. So if you want to use the same images for multiple jobs (e.g. pinning the same group of images to different boards) you can quickly and easily load up the images now instead of having to go through the search process again.

Version 1.1053

Added the ability to search for multiple keywords when loading images into auto-pin schedules. Also added a checkbox to disable loading image previews (for those who never delete or modify the images anyway). No loading previews makes image loading much faster and saves a lot of memory when doing the auto-pinning.

Version 1.1052

This update adds the "Randomize schedules to appear more natural" checkbox on the Schedules tab. What this will do is, rather than run all schedules one after the other, it will randomly select one of the schedules to run each time. That is, if you have 4 auto-pin schedules set to run every 3 minutes, rather than running each one every three minutes, only one (on average) will actually run every three minutes. This way you can put a bunch of schedules in that post to different boards etc. and let the software randomly pick which one to post to and when. This will create a more natural, random pattern of pinning (and following/unfollowing/inviting). Keep in mind that this will affect all schedules, not just pinning.

Version 1.104

This update improves reduces memory usage by SM dramatically, allowing it to run much longer and on much more popular Pinterest accounts without running out of memory. This will certainly help with Virtual Private Server installs and PCs with less resources as well.

Version 1.103

Added Bulk Pin Modification functionality. You can now click the "Bulk Pin Modification" button on the Pinterest tab and change the text and/or link(s) of pins matching any text you wish. This is useful if your site gets blocked by Pinterest for spam or if you changed URLs/domain names/etc and wish to update your pins with the new descriptions (or hash tags or anything really).

You can change just the description text, or just the pin URL destination or both. You can also have the search be case sensitive (it's case insensitive by default).

Version 1.02384

Automatic updating is now an option inside Social Multiplier. Instead of having to run the installer manually after logging in, the application will update itself automatically and restart. In order for this to happen, you need to check the Automatic Updates checkbox on the Schedules tab, and the application must be Run As Administrator (to do that right-click the application icon and choose Run As Administrator).

This is particularly useful if you're running SM on more than one VPS and do not want to have to manually update each instance yourself.

Version 1.10235

Updated the saving and loading of auto-pin data to make it more robust. When running a bunch of auto-pin schedules at the same time, sometimes the tasks would attempt to overwrite the data file simultaneously, which would cause problems (sometimes corrupting the file so it is no longer usable). A backup of the last successful data file saved is now kept and restored if the data file gets corrupted. So this should help keep SM humming along better.

Version 1.10234

Updated unfollowing code to skip the newest 2,000 follows to ensure that people who have not had a chance to follow you back aren't unfollowed too quickly. Also improved the unfollowing functionality to make it more efficient and fix an issue where it would sometimes get stuck if the follower count changed while the unfollow routine was running (only an issue for accounts with many thousands of followers).

Version 1.101 - 1.10233

Minor bug fix updates.

Version 1.1

Major update. Added the ability to invite your followers to post to any of your boards. You can create a board specifically for this purpose or use an existing board. Inviting others to your board encourages them to pin to it, which grows the followers to your board and your account. The more people following the board, the more people will see your pins to that board as well.

This cannot be done manually, but it can be scheduled using the Group Invites scheduler at the bottom of the Schedules tab. You can invite up to 100 people per hour to pin to your board.

Version 1.09824

Minor bug fix update.

Version 1.09823

Solved the issue causing the "unsupported browser" message from Pinterest. Internet Explorer 11 is now being emulated, which should solve some stability problems for some users. Also, multiple account issues should be solved.

Version 1.09822

Minor bug fix version. Manually following a board would only follow the first user of that board.

Version 1.09821

Pinterest made a change in their underlying code that was preventing the auto-pinning from working. Modified Social Multiplier to match.

Version 1.0982

Minor bug fix version.

Version 1.0981

The application now supports limiting how much of the processor and memory can be used before Social Multiplier stops running scheduled tasks. So, for instance, if you don't want SM to run if the processor usage reaches 75% (which is important when you're running SM on a VPS, for instance), you can configure it to stop once that percentage is reached. Configuration of the maximum CPU and Memory usage is done on the Schedules tab.

In this latest release, if SM crosses the memory limit, it will also restart itself, dumping the memory that was used up by pinning and starting clean. It will not restart itself more than once every 30 minutes, however. Again, very useful for conserving the limit resources that may be available on a VPS and allowing you to run SM on even a modest VPS with 1 core and 1GB of RAM.
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