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Pinterest Group Board Invites Limits?..

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Pinterest Group Board Invites Limits?..
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:36:06 PM »
Hi there,

You guys have provided the limits for auto-following... as well as limits on how often you should pin... however... I can't find anywhere in the "Best Practices Guide" as to what the limits are for the "Group Board Invites" schedule... is there a limit as to how many of our followers we can invite per hour?.. the default setting when you make a new "Pinterest Group Board Invites" schedule is 100 per hour... can I invite more than 100 per hour?.. or should I do less?.. can you guys provide us with a limit we should be aware of for this as well?..


Whenever I create a new "Group Board Invites" schedule... there is the field that asks me to input the name of which board I want to invite my followers to pin to... can I add multiple boards to this field?.. or can I use spintax in this field so that I can send invites to all of my boards instead of just the same 1 board over and over again?..

Thanks :)

- David